Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Unclear concept

Reportedly, Stephen Ross will hold a press conference at Dolphins Stadium on Friday to announce the "temporary" name change to Landshark Stadium, and a partnership with Jimmy Buffet.
Now this is intended to be a part of the larger plan to bring a better fan experience to the stadium.
But....he's only inviting the media to the event. 
Think about it.  He's got a whole stadium, and a mailing list of Dolphins season ticket holders, Marlins season ticket holders, and Hurricanes season ticket holders.  And he has Jimmy Buffet, arguably one of the most well-known South Florida entertainers in a venue.
Wouldn't you consider making it puublic and inviting fans in to "build the hype" and be a part of the festivities.  Have a local band perform, and have Jimmy sit in and do a song.
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