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I've got so much to say about this Landshark deal, I just don't know where to start.

Okay, I'll start with this. Landshark was a skit on SNL way back in the 70s. I couldn't find an actual recording, but I did find this version, of someone reenacting it...

Apparently Buffet liked the skit and the name, and named the lager after it. Or so we hear. So, its a beer, and they're not paying me to advertise... and I have no miexed emotions about saying I think this is kind of lame.

Okay, so Stephen Ross wants to create the fan expereince and signs a deal with Buffet to bring the Margatiaville (TM) to Dolphins stadium, along with some Jimmy concerts, more beer sales, and "whatever."

He holds a press conference and invites the media and some select Parrotheads (Buffet fans) and select Dolphins fans to be in attendance. Now who were these people? Not your or me. As far as we were told, this was CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. I can only assume by looking at the crowd on the video that these were sponsors, friends, family, and potential future club level owners.

The sponsorship deal ends before the probowl, and will not have an impact on the SuperBowl. What is it then? We've heard that there might be pre-game tailgate concerts, or events. We've heard they might open a restaurant on gamedays.'s what gets me. This does not appear to be geared to your average fan. It appears to be targeted to the club level patrons. I may be wrong, but it feels that way to me. Let me splain why I think that. First, anything in the club level goes right to the bottom line. If he sells every seat and every suite, that's non-revenue-shared profit. Anything in the 100 and 400 level is profit-shared in the NFL. Its in his best interest to sell as many of those premium seats as possible, and hope to get others to come along. But, lets be realistic and realize that as long as it sells out in the 400-level, it doesn't matter. Could be to visiting teams fans - a sellout is a sellout.

Second, they have the Nat Moore BBQ deal. Its expensive (I want to say like $40) to have beer, soda, hot dogs, and burgers. There is a live band, cheerleaders, and player autographs. But you have to be "inside" to take advantage of any of it. They'll let you listen to the band as long as you're far enough away, but that's about it. All of that goes to the owner. Club level owners get first crack at those tickets. Think a Buffet concert or a Magarittaville (TM) would be any different?

No, for you and me, what we get is the opportunity to see some of the celebrities (from a distance) who attend the games. And to buy a beer of the stadium's name for $8. Maybe he makes some small modifications to the seats/seating area in the 400s to make it more compelling to come, but don't count on it. This is all about getting people to want to experience gameday. Not to see the game. Not to tailgate (because then the team potentially misses out on revenue). But just to get to the game and spend money on concessions, and stuff.

Think UM and the Marlins are happy about this? I doubt it. But they're tennants, and the owner can do things without their input. They're a captive audience and have no choices.

Or maybe I'm just bitter and.or am missing something?
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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

Like a lot of businesses, I think the Miami Dolphins make 80% of their money from about 20% of their customers. So they are looking for giving them more with the expectation that they will spend more.

I don't think that they feel the investment will pay off to do things for the regular fan due to how expensive tickets, parking and concessions already are. They probably think their spending is tapped out. Especially in this economic climate.