Friday, April 03, 2009

Who does he think he is? Bob Costas?

Count Armando Salguero among those who thing bloggers are useless.   Costas, might I remind you, once said bloggers sit in the mother's basement in their underwear and write in anonimity.  (My mom doesn't have a basement - this is Florida after all! - and I being anonymous isn't my bag; I write this blog, answer emails, and I host a radio show where you can question me).
Anyway, Armando said "Occassionally my job is to play fireman, putting out fires started by rumor-mongers or amateur bloggers posing as reporters with sources that are neither accurate nor credible." (
Let me be clear: I don't start rumors.  I kid about things, and will point out or otherwise make it obvious if its not true.  I may not be a paid journalist, but that doesn't make me any less credible.
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