Monday, April 20, 2009

What is up with that?

I was checking out the schedule for the Dolphins draft-day party, and noticed two things:
(1) it starts at 4pm.  Why in the heck did the commish (and presumably the owners) decide to move it to start later?  I know they had already moved the third round to the second day, but why have it start so late in the day?  I remember when it used to start at 10am, and be on a weekday.  Now it seems to be all about the ratings.  Why not have it during primetime on Saturday?  Dumb.
and (2) the party is at Dolphins stadium.  There will also be a Marlins game at the stadium; that starts at 7pm.   I can imagine that with only a couple of thousand out to catch the Marlins, and about the same number for the Dolphins, it won't be an issue.
But how will they handle parking and keeping them separate?  Seems strange to me...
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Dolphins Ranter DeleteReply

You know who going to love the 4 PM start? Wives! No more watching the draft from 1-4 instead of doing stuff around the house.