Saturday, March 14, 2009

Florida Panthers

Hard as it may be to believe - I am a native Floridian, and have lived here my whole life.  And yet, I've been a hockey fan for almost 25 years, long before they showed games on TV down here, and before we had cable TV.
I go to a couple of games a year, and this week decided to take advatange of the Panthers First Timer Program with some folks who haven't been to a game.  We had a blast, but I have to ask - when did a tie become something bad.  The NHL for several years has had a shootout to decide a winner in a regular season game, rather than allowing for a tie.  So, I guess if Donovan McNabb played hockey, he would have been right because those games can't end in a tie.
I gotta say: that's pretty stupid.  Teams play hard during the season and to see it come down to a 1-1 matchup between a shooter and goaltender is anticlimatic to the excitement of the game.  For the playoffs, sure, but in the regular season, not so much.
And just one other point.  On the first tomer program, you register at a site and get an email telling you how to get your tickets.
One step said this:
2.  You must show your drivers license to redeem your tickets AND this confirmation e-mail 
  But a little further in the body was this gem:

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