Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Did you just say the Phins should consider Cutler?

Several local reporters have recently published articles in which they state that the Dolphins should consider QB Jay Cutler of the Broncos now that he falls into the "disguntled" category.
To which I ask: has the water in South Florida been tainted in some way?
First, and foremost, I don't believe the Phins should consider a guy who (a) hasn't proven squat and (b) has had issues with the fans, the media, and the coaches (yes, its plural, because he had issues with the former chancellor of football in Denver).  He's damaged goods, and why would we want him?
Plus there's the matter of the QBs we have here.  John Beck still has "promise" but probably will never be a bona fide starter.  Chad Pennington is the incumbent and played "beyond himself" last season. Can he continue?  Who knows.  But what we do know is that he's a proven team leader, and you don't want to mess with that by bringing in another guy you're projecting as a starter.  However, if he gets beaten out by another competitor who's already here - a younger guy - then that's another story.  And that leads us to Chad Henne.  The guy has the tools, the attitude, and has been groomed for a year.  You don't know exactly what you have in him, and that's a good thing.
You know exactly what you'd have in Cutler, and that's a bad thing.
I'm guessing on these slow news days, anything sounds good...right?
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Cali-DolFan DeleteReply

I agree with you, all this "Dolphins need to get Cutler" is a bunch of Crap... I'll take my chances with the Chad's on our team now.. We have a Chad for the present and a Chad for the future.. Don't need no Jay in Miami.. Go Dolphins!!!