Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can someone explain this to me?

10 years ago, the H Wayne built a stadium for what were then his Panthers for a total cost of $185 million.  Its an 18,000+- seat hockey arena with luxury boxes and many amenities.
The Marlins are looking for $515 million for a park of about the same size, with a retractable roof.
Ummm, why the difference?  The cost is almost 3 times as much, with no guarantee that it will stay under $515 million. 
Okay, there is inflation, but this would mean that we're looking at 10% per year, every year since the Panthers stadium was finished.  And sure the retractable roof might cost them something.  But that much?
And lest we forget, FIU built an on-campus stadium for $80 million last year.  Not the high-end style that defines Dallas or Indy, but certainly a stadium from which football can be watched.
$515 million seems like an awful lot to me.
I don't get it...
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