Saturday, February 07, 2009

speaking of the marlins

They had this artist rendering of the new ballpark to be built at the old Orange Bowl site.
Now, I'm certain this will be a *very* expensive proposition.  In a severe recession, why is there any plan to spend billions to build a ball park for millionares?
And while I'm at it, one of the promised amenities was a youth field, that I think was supposed to be suitable for both soccer and baseball.  Do you see that in the rendering?  And just where would that go on this property?
And what are those buildings all around the site?  More shops, restaurants, and office buildings.
Yeah, that's what we need.  More places to not spend our money.
How about if they just stay at Dolphins Stadium for now.  I, for one, would be okay if they replaced the grass with field turf (the artificial rubbery stuff) because it would allow them to easily move between baseball and football configurations and have the field remain in good condition (ie, no dirt infield for football) for all the teams that play there.
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