Monday, February 09, 2009

Now that's funny

As you know, John Carney (the kicker) and Jeff Feagles (the punter) both made the probowl from the NY Giants team.
But, here's the funny part.  They're both over 40, and happen to be the only players born in the 60s who were on the probowl rosters.  This led to no end of practical jokes from the old-timers and the younger generation toward each other (diapers and depends were big on the hit list).
But I give the ultimate nod to Carney and Feagles for showing up at practice one day wearing leather helmets - telling everyone those were the helmets they wore when they first came into the league.
And as a complete aside, I was at UM with Feagles back in the 80s, and had some classes with him.  I don't remember them wearing leather helmets back then, but then I'm forgetful in my old age.
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