Tuesday, February 03, 2009

D'oh! I mean whoohoo... ?

The SuperBowl was an entertaining affair.  Pittsburgh looked totally in control, and Arizona stormed back and took the lead with just over two minutes left.  And we were left with a good drive that scored the winning points.  And for the second consecutive season we had a nail-biter that went down to the wire with the winning team scoring with mere ticks left.  And, really, that's something like 8 consectuive superbowls that were close, hard fought battles.
Ya gotta love it.
Now, I'll admit I was rooting for the Cardinals.  The underdog, the team that hadn't won squat.  3 players from "The U."  I wasn't a passionate fan about it.  I was more neutral in the whole affair.
And I noticed that the officials in the game kept up the fine tradition they had all year of making blunders in the game.  Sure, they called more holding than they ever had in the past.  And they were generally on top of things and got many calls right (even if it was on review).   But, it cetainly seemed to me that if you were wearing red, you were in the wrong no matter what. 
And if I were a Cards fan, I'd have a legitmate beef with the outcome:
* Harrison should have been ejected for his punk move.  You can't hit a guy like he did
* There was a db who was *taking swings* at Boldin after he took him out of bounds.  He, too, should have been ejected.
* On the 100 yard return, there was a blatant clip that went uncalled.  AND I still think Harrison was down before he crossed the plane.  His head and left elbow were on the ground, before his right arm carried the ball acorss (imagine if instead of a 14-point swing, it was only a 3 point swing).
* The roughing the passer on Arizona late was dubious, and there were at least 2 on Pittsburgh that were more blatant at other points in the game that went uncalled.
* And finally, the "fumble" by Warner at the end didn't look so much like a fumble to me; and the fact that the refs didn't even review it sure made it *look like* "the fix was in" for Pittsburgh.
Ah well....such is life in the NFL.
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