Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ain't that a peach?

I took my son out to a Marlins spring training game today.   Players are (often) willing to sign autographs before, during, or after the game, which is great.  My son saw SS Hanley Ramirez standing by the fence, and went to ask for an autograph.  A few other people had the same idea, so there was a small group around him.  My son held up the pen and the paper, and Hanley grabbed the pen, signed someone else's ball, and walked off.
So, not only did he get stiffed on the autograph, Hanley made off with his pen.
A millionaire stealing a kids pen.  Okay, maybe he doesn't have time to go out and buy himself one.
If you happen to see him signing balls with a blue sharpie, be sure and congratulate him on his acquisition. 
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