Tuesday, January 06, 2009

what's next?

Parcells sat down with H yesterday and gave him a "state of the team" which apparently Wayne approved.  Parcells has a plan for the current players, free agency (and reportedly some kind of budget for players coming and going), and the draft and he was told to go ahead in spite of the impending sale.
Which leads us around to said sale.   Mr. Ross is looking for a couple of other investors to cover some of the costs (I think I have $20, if that would help!), and they hope to finish sometime next week.
Mr. Ross has already spoken with Carl Peterson (former GM in KC, and a long time friend; he was the GM with the USFL team that Ross once owned) about a job, and he's talked with a guy who used to be in the US Tennis Association as a CEO about a job.  But what jobs?  And what does that mean for Parcells and other longtime Dolphins employees?  Like, for instance, Bryan Weidemeier who's been with the team for 26 years.
So, he wants Parcells to stay, but wants to surround himself with people he trusts.  No surprise there.
If I were to guess - and believe me, this is just a total guess - Ross will establish a new hierarchy for the team.  He will be the owner, and have ultimate say in the team, but he will entrust someone to run the overall Miami Dolphins enterprises - which includes the football team, the stadium, and all the other things he might dream up. That is, his eyes and ears for day to day stuff.  Then, he'll have someone running the non-football stuff.  And I suspect Weidemeir and Parcells will stay in place to run the football side of the business.  They would report to the person overall running the enterprise.
While Ross wants to be involved, I think he's smart enough to know that he only has so much time to devote to it, and there are people better suited to day-to-day operations.  Who gets what is anyone's guess.
Keep in mind that Ross has some ideas for how to make Dolphins games more of "an event," for how to bring out the fans, for how to get people really hyped up about the franchise.  Last week, for example, in his entourage was Dwayne Wade and Jon BonJovi.  Its more than a game, but the game itself still matters, and he wants to leave the football part alone.
....I would also add that I think everything we as website owners do has a direct bearing on his thoughts.  Maybe we helped lay some groundwork.  Maybe he continues the fine tradition of getting us involved.  Maybe he goes a whole other direction.  Either way, its nice to know that my small contribution has helped in some small way to provide direction to growing the franchise and the fan base.
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