Monday, January 05, 2009

Season MVP

MVP: I'm going to go counter to the popular opinion and nominate Channing Crowder.  He led the team in tackles and helped set the tone for the defense.  And he was missed in the game against the Chiefs; that sealed it for me.

Top offensive player: Ronnie Brown never said die, and ran the wildcat really well.  I give him a lot of credit.

Top defensive player:  Joey Porter was a difference maker in a lot of games this year, and he ended with 17.5 sacks, which was great.

Magician's award for making $6 million disappear: that goes to Ernest Willford, who at this point probably wouldn't recognize the field if he saw it. He was been inactive for most of the season.
Best game: As I said at mid-season, the win at New England was sweet.  Watching Bellicheat humbled by a high school play was a lot of fun.

Worst game: Miami went 9-1 down the stretch, with the only loss to New England in what turned out to be an ugly deal.  Still, I'll stick with week 2, Arizona, Miami gave up and was outplayed.

Top rookie: Kendall Langford was leading the pack midway, but Dan Carpenter had a stretch where he didn't miss, and he hit every PAT during the season.

Biggest disappointment: That we didn't beat the Jets or Houston when we had the chance.
Greatest moment: Beating the Jets in the last week, thus eliminating them AND the Patriots.

Funniest moment: Oh I think the Joey Porter - shutout receiver in Denver war of the words is pretty amusing.

Season wanker: You know, most players came around to Sparano's way of thinking - or they were released.  Even Willford was humble about his year.  I can't think of anyone deserving this year.  Really.  Instead we'll just remind you that Matt Light was a punk, and should have been suspended, the commish was a whimp, and Ed Hochuli blew some calls.

My prediction on the year: I said they'd win 6.  I was very wrong.  But happy.
So, what of Chad Pennington?  I'm going to throw him a bone and give him a special award for motivating his teammates and doing everything he could to fire them up.  We respect and appreciate the effort he gave every week.
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