Saturday, January 31, 2009


In response to Donovan McNabb not knowing a game could end in a tie (or at least we hear that's the reason), Commissioner Pete, umm, Paul, err, Roger said the NFL would consider "tweaking" the rules by moving the kickoff further out or just having a team start at the 20.  Not mentioned was a rule change to actually make it fair.
But then, his statements were somewhat inaccurate.  Quoth he:
"Historically about 30 percent of the games in overtime are decided with the team who wins the coin flip scoring on the first possession. That number has risen to about 47 percent. That's significant, and I think it's something our [rules] committee has to look at. "
Except that he's wrong.  Between the time OT was instituted and the end of the '98 season, the team that won the coin toss actually won 48% of the time, the team that lost the coin toss won 48% of the time, and 4% of the time, the games ended in a tie.  Over the last 10 years, the trend has slightly favored the winners of the coin flip,  but not by enough to notice.
So 47% is close, but ITS ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY.
At least he's considering a change.
But, lest we remind you, there are still labor issues that are unresolved.
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