Monday, January 05, 2009

On that Reed pick 6

I watched the replay several times, but I never saw the "speedster" Ted Ginn, jr. chasing down the play.  Why not?  What was he thinking.
On the other hand, London came from the other side, got blocked, and still came back to meet Reed at the goal line.  And it went almost unnoticed that he made a great effort to punch the ball out of Reed's hands.  In these shots, you can see he starts to swing his arm *just* as Reed reached the goal line.  He did knock the ball out, but it was maybe a half second too late.
Not surprisingly, the officials didn't seem to notice.  And I'm not sure that Sparano did either.  If he had, it might (maybe) have been worth challenging it.  The outcome - if he had knocked it out before the ball broke the plane - would have been a touchback and Miami's ball.
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