Sunday, January 11, 2009

I liked this story

I ran into a guy this week who told me a story.  He's a "service guy" and comes into contact with many current and former Dolphins. 

I was at the Ravens playoff game last weekend, and toward the end of the game, my friends and I were were really booing Chad Pennington.
On Monday morning, I picked up my list of jobs, and first on the list was a new client: Chad Pennington. 
I went to Chad's house, and did the job, but not without some good natured ribbing.  Chad was as nice as could be and had a good sense of humor about it all.  He wished he would have played better, too.
As I finish, he hands me a little tip for the job.  I reach into my pocket, take out the ticket stub from the game, and say "wow thank refunded the money I paid for the game, after that performance yesterday!"
And that got Chad laughing.

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