Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Carl Peterson

I was thinking:
He's a close friend of Stephen Ross.
At the game, he word a Dolphins pin and said "we" a lot.
You have a successful football operation in place, and Ross would be foolish to undermine that, and bring on Peterson after he ran KC into the ground over the last few years.  The fans would universally despise the man - and you have to figure that Ross is smart enough to know that.
But....what if Peterson were being brought on as a minority (probably very minority) owner of the team.  Someone Ross can trust to be there as a sort of consultant and friend, but then he would have very little to do with the franchise itself.  As a small owner, it always be Ross' call.  But yet he could tell him what he thinks from a football insider perspective....and never interfere with Parcells or the actual operation of the team.
I would have no problem with that.
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