Sunday, January 04, 2009

And the season comes to a close...

A couple of parting thoughts as I watch the last few moments of this game:
* What was Ed Hochuli doing ref-ing a playoff game?  Remember that he had that totally blown call against the Chargers arly in the season, and he totally blew a game in Miami a few weeks later.  Phil Simms said he graded out the best of all officials.  What does that say about the rest of them?  They must have *REALLY* sucked.
* F-you Cam "cam" Cameron.  A total of three wins in Miami over the course of the last 2 seasons, all of them Raven-related.  2 of them against Miami.  And that in 10 tries.
* When it got to 20-3, I said it was over, and shortly thereafter fell asleep for a while.  I woke up about the time that Bess returned the punt that set up a score, and it looked like - maybe - Miami could stage a sort of comeback.  But of course they found a way to screw that up.
* For what its worth, Ted Ginn sucks, and I feel that he should *not* be playing in Miami next season.  When he tripped over a blade of grass on Reed's pick 6, that spelled the end of his tenure here as far as I'm concerned.
* Whether he was the team MVP or not, I think its time to move Pennington to the bench as the season concludes.  4 interceptions in a game is inexcusable, regardless of the opponent.   There are many possibilities as far as why this happened (not the least of which was that he was confused by the defense), but I was sitting on my couch pulling for Henne to enter the game when he threw the third one.
* When they were still sort of in it, and Pennington/Ginn had the bobble that resulted in a 20-yard loss, making it 3rd and 26 from around the 40, I didn't like the playcall on 3rd, or the decision to punt on 4th.  As it turned out, with the penalty, the punt netted 10 yards.  What was the point of that?
* I was amused at how quickly the stadium emptied out when the game was "over" but really wan't.  Didn't I say something about front-running phonies this week?
* All of that said, the loss hurts, but I'm still satisfied with this season.  11-5, the division crown, and a playoff game at home.  It wasn't all bad...
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