Friday, December 26, 2008

You gotta love the sense of humor..

It reads "0-16.  Yes we can"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In effect the playoffs start this weekend...

Assuming Miami wins, they will play a game next Saturday night at home, against....Baltimore (if they win or NE loses), or New England. 
Yikes!  They lost to each of them at home this year.
But, that's getting ahead of ourselves.  Gotta play the Jets this week, and beat them!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

After the game...

Coach Sparano individually listed each and every player who is still on the roster from last year's roster.  He singled them out because this team has come so far - and they participated in the 1-15 debacle that was 2007.
And it didn't take very long, either, since there are currently 22 players who fall into that category. 
Unbelieveable - 59% of the players currently on the roster were not here last year.
And they've had *this much* success...

sometimes its the simple things

Miami took the lead on this play, and wow was it simple.
Fasano ran to the sticks, turned around and caught the pass.  He shrugged off a defender and bulled his way into the endzone.
Part of what happened here was that it was a linebacker blitz (both players at the 10), so the middle of the field was cleared out.  And part of it was sheer determination on his part.
But, the biggest factor was the line play.  They took on all 6 rushers, AND they ran downfield to try and take on more players as Fasano worked into the endzone.

We love to see players working hard for the entire play!!


Miami ran a few wildcat plays this week.  The biggest one of the day was this one.
The line was balanced, Pennington was off the field.  A couple of times in this series, and in a previous drive, Miami ran the same formation, and Ronnie kept it after faking the handoff to Ricky.

This time, Cobbs came from the far side after the fake, and Brown flipped him the ball.  He ran for 40-odd yards, and was pushed out at the 5 or so.
It was well conceived, setup effectively, and brilliantly executed.

Sunday Night Football

With the Jets loss, the NFL decided to move the Chargers-Broncos smackdown to the primetime slot on Sunday.
Yes, the division title is on the line....but the winner will be 8-8 if its San Diego, and 9-7 if its Denver.  Sure you had that blown call early in the season that makes this intriguing.
And in Miami's case, should they lose, the Patriots would most likely win the division. 
But, it seems odd to have two bad teams playing for a playoff spot in primetime, rather than the Favre-Pennington matchup.

peculiar call

I love the Tuesday Morning Quarterback.  He has published his "immutable laws" of football.  One of them is "take 3 till the 4th, unless you're way behind."
Here it is, about 2:20 left to play in the first half, Miami ahead 24-21, facing 4th and 1 at the 5.  Points clearly will matter in this game, and Miami decides to go for it with a fade route to Haynos.  Now, if it had worked, bully for Miami.  But, it didn't, and KC charged down the field in 8 plays and scored a TD, stealing momentum as we went into the half. 
In this case, I believe that they should have taken the 3; momentum would have remained with them, and they may have gone into the half with the lead.
And that brings me around to the simple point that Miami simply needs to play better.  They played down to the competition for a couple of weeks, then struggled against the 49ers and Chiefs.  They can't expect to beat the Jets that way.
Even if the Jets are mediocre.

Adventures in officiating

There were a couple of reviews that made me scratch my head - like the phantom Ricky fumble late.  And there was the usual littany of calls and non-calls that played out.
But the "catch" by Darling (wasn't it lovely?) was wrong.  Let me set it up for you.
On the play before this catch, Will Allen had great position on the ball, and caught it.  He came down with it, and actually touched the ground with the ball in his grasp, but on the impact, the ball was forced out.  He knew it was incomplete and the officials called it so.  On the first shot below, you can see that while he is on the ground he has the ball.
Then, Darling makes the catch at the sidelines.  The commentators were focused on whether he got both feet down which, arguably, he did.  Apparently, the ref was looking for the same thing.  And ruled that it was a catch.
What they all missed was that Darling did not come down with the ball when he went out.  The rule states that you must carry the ball all the way through the catch.  What this means is that you have to still have possession of the ball until the play is over, you come down on the ground, or you take a couple of steps out of bounds. 
That's the reason Allen's interception was negated.  But, a play later, they missed it.
If you take a look at shot #2, Darling was bobbling the ball as he came down with it (in motion, its clear, here not so much).  And then, on shot #3, he loses the ball (its on the ground by his foot) a half second later.
The ruling should have been incomplete.

Talk about cold...

This became the coldest game Miami ever played in.  And, as it turns out, the second coldest game that KC has played in at home...
I love how CBS had a sense of humor about it, as they kept flashing up this with different comments at the bottom.  This one was the best, for my money.
BTW, there was also a guy holding up a sign that said something like "Gore - what global warming?" 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The question is....

Do *YOU* believe?
Miami played a tough one today against Kansas City, but they won - again.
Now its on to NY to face the struggling Jets.  Assuming Miami wins, the division is theirs. 
But....if they lose, things hinge on the Patriots - Bills clash.  If the Patriots win, they take the division.  If the Pats lose, we go to tiebreakers, and the most likely scenario is that the Jets would take the division.
There is, we're pretty sure, a scenario where Miami could lose and still make the playoffs.  But, its a longshot.
Lets simplify it: they need to win next weekend.