Thursday, December 11, 2008

Now that's funny

I received this in my email a little while ago.
I find it amusing that they're going to give away tickets to a game that happened 10 weeks ago... 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh yeah, there's that, too...

As an alert reader pointed out to me: buried in J Peasy's attitude about athletes having guns is an inherent condoning of Burress carrying an unliscensed gun.
I would argue that this is NEVER okay, especially for a person in the public spotlight.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Am I missing something?

In an article on ESPN ( Porter empathizes with Burress, defends athletes' need for guns), Joey Porter defends the need for guns by recounting all these stories about athletes who have been the victims of crimes, and therefore need to defend themselves.
Okay, this is not about the right to keep and bear arms, that's another discussion. 
This is about him referring to when he was shot in the butt a few years back, and the Jags lineman who was shot earlier this season, and the Sean Taylor situation...and using those as examples of needing to have a gun to defend oneself.  I fail to make the connection.  How would a gun in any of those scenarios helped anything?
I'll take his own situation as the case in point.  It was a drive by shooting into a crowd of 150 people.  He might have had time to draw his gun, but what would he have shot at?  And would it have changed him getting hit?

Here's an interesting thought

Remember back when Dave was the coach and Tony Wise told us that it takes a while for an o-line to come together, like months and months.  Then, along come Hudson Hauck, this supposed guru of o-lines, and he couldn't get much out of his group, and it was always a "process" or it took time or some such.
And then enter Tony Sparano and his gang.  He started with two rookies, a second year player, a castoff, and a 4-year vet and had some amount of success.  A couple of guys got hurt and he plugged in young who-dats and he continues to have success.
I guess coaching does matter, and we were fed lines of bull for years from coaches who really didn't get it...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Consider this

Today is December 8th.  There are three games left, and Miami leads the division.  The last time Miami won the division was 2001, the same year they last made the postseason tournament.


J Peasy was quiet for most of the afternoon, and I wondered if he would get a sack.
Did he ever.  came up with 2 big plays on Sunday.  At one point in the 4th, Buffalo was pinned back near their own goal line, and on a third down play, Joey just blew past the confused lineman who had, to that point, controlled him.  Sack all the way back at the 1.
Then, when the Bills were driving with a minute left, Joey did what he does best.  Remember when these two teams met a few weeks ago, and Sparano said to get the ball back, and Joey did to end the game?
Well, he did it again (this time without being asked).  As he did on an earlier series, he just blew past the left tackle, got to Losman, and this time forced a fumble that essentially ended the game when Holliday recovered the ball.
So, now he has 16.5 sacks and is back on the pace to get the Dolphins all-time record...

And one that didn't work...

This was supposed to be the Wildcat.  Ricky is the guy who receives the snap.  Chad is lined up wide left.
The line is balanced.  There is no motion.  Ricky takes the snap and runs right. 
Problem is that with no motion and no unbalanced line, the defense reads it as a RIcky run all the way, and at the snap sees how the line moves and realizes it is to the right, and is able to stuff it in the backfield.
It was worth a shot, but this was a variation I hope we do not see again...

Intriguing play

Miami ran a variation on this play several times Sunday with some pretty consistent success.  Its a "sweep play" where the running back goes to the outside shoulder of the offensive tackle, and has some room to run.
In college, this is a highly effective tactic because the fast running back can get to the edge faster than the defense.  However, most NFL defenses are so quick that the effect is negated...unless you run some motion.  In this case, Martin is running across the formation to the left, which would make the defense read run left.  At the snap, the line starts blocking right, but from odd angles, so that they have leverage and can switch to blocking left, thus keeping the defense off balance.  Meanwhile Martin comes around and takes out the linebacker "from behind" and the fullback goes and takes out the defensive back on the end.
Now, all the has to happen is that Ricky runs through the gap, and its a first down.

Ever wonder what offsides looks like on the offensive side of the ball?

Take a look at this formation.  The guy lined up at the bottom (Wilford, I think?) is standing right at the imaginary line that would be scrimmage.
Technically, he's offsides, and a flag should have been thrown.  But, it wasn't, and that's okay by us.
Still, this is what it would look like - a player is downfield at or further than the ball.

Way cool

Miami will always be known as the first team to win a regular season game in Canada.
And they now are in another club of one - being perfect in Canada.  Sure, that will change next year, but they can enjoy it for now!
I wonder who our spokesman for that one will be?

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A couple of notes

My friend Alan points out "I think with their victory over Toronto, the Dolphins have an outside chance of finishing as good as .500"
While granny sez "This team is better than last year's, which couldn't beat me.  Well, this team might not be able to either.  But, at least they'd give me a run for my money."

What can I say?

I'm dumbfounded, overwhelmed, and absolutelt astounded that the Dolphins are 8-5, and find themsleves in a 3-way tie for 1st place in the division....and the way it is playing out is that only the winner of the division will make the playoffs. 
Fortunately, Miami holds the tiebreaker advantage over both should they all finish, say 11-5.
Wow, ain't it great to be relevant as we head into mid-December?


This has nothing to do with the Dolphins, really, except maybe that Florida will be playing for a national champeenship in January, and that they beat little Nicky.
<a href="/orl-sportsuf07120708dec07,0,7890596.story"><b>Gators win SEC title: READ THE GAME STORY HERE</b></a>
My question is: what was Tebow wearing on his eye black?  Is it a religious reference?  I know he's a religiulous guy, but c'mon dude.  What's up with that?
And why is he holding an orange, since, technically, the national champeenship is not the Orange Bowl?