Friday, November 21, 2008


I watched UM get pummeled by Ga Tech last night.  It was an incredible game plan by the Ramblin Wreck to dominate the run game.  They ran a play they called the "triple threat" and pounded Miami for almost 475 yards rushing.
And come to think of it that makes Huggy Bear's 299 yards last season against the Dolphins seem like a small amount doesn't it?
Okay, so the triple threat is not so different from the Wildcat in many aspects.  You have the QB lined up under center and he's a threat to run.  You have two running backs lined on either side of the line, almost like u-backs, and then you have one running back behind the QB.
The o-line is in a standard formation, but runs all kinds of different schemes - straight up blocks, traps, motion, reverse-motion - which is designed to overpower and confuse the defensive line, and then to attack the linebackers as the play progresses. 
It also relies on the running backs to confound the linebackers by all of them moving in different directions!  It was a helluva thing to watch, I tell you.  And I have no doubt we'll see more teams using it...
On the particular play, we're setting the setup for the long TD that made it 17-3.  The running back circled in red gets the ball, but there is so much happening that no one can react.  And the QB really sells the fake pitch to the running back at the top, so the linebackers react to it.
Perfect execution, and an easy TD.  All the back had to do was run past a corner.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Listen to Joey

He wants Dolphins fans in the seats this Sunday.
My suggestion: listen to him, or he will come to your house and sack you.

A Grassroots effort to send Patrick Cobbs to the Pro Bowl.

A note from Dave at the Dolphins Make Me Cry:

A few of us have said it already.  Patrick Cobbs is worthy of a Pro Bowl selection on Special Teams.  Let's make it a movement, and get him in there.  We can make it happen.

Send this to your football (and even your non-football) friends.

Special Teams is the last section, and you don't have to vote for other stuff, if you don't want to.

Mention this on your radio shows and podcasts.  Put this message on your sites and message boards that you visit.  Put it on your MySpace page.  Put it in your signature.  Put it on Facebook.  Put it on your blog.  Call in to radio shows and mention the cause.  Do what you can.



 --Dave Gray

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Controversial call

The refs blew the call at the end of the San Diego - Pittsburgh clash.  Maybe the snow affected their vision.
Anyway, I thought about calling them wankers, but realized it wouldn't matter because the outcome didn't change.
Here's the ruling as I interpreted it.
Rivers passed to Tomlinson.  That was legal, and Tomlinson took a few steps forward then tossed the ball behind his back to Chambers.  On the replay - waaaay slowed down - it was clear that Tomlinson actually threw the ball about a half yard forward.  That would be an illegal foward pass, but it should not have caused a stoppage.  Rather the play should have continued, and at its conclusion, the officials should have penalized the Chargers 5 yards for an illegal forward pass.
Now the play went on, and Chambers attempted to lateral it to someone else, only to have Polamalu knock it down.  The play was still alive, so Polamalu should have been awarded the score. And because of the penalty, Pittsburgh should have been offered the choice of a penalty or the play result (the TD).
The fact that the ball hit the ground after Chambers tried to lateral was irrelevant.  That was a legal behind the back throw that would not have stopped the play.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Turkey Bowl 2008

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Turkey Bowl 2008

Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Miami Dolphins by participating in the inaugural
Turkey Bowl touch football tournament at the Miami Dolphins Training Facility.

Saturday, November 29th
Registration opens at 1:00 PM
Play begins at 2:00 PM
$250 fee per team

  • The Dolphins Academy Turkey Bowl is a 4-on-4 touch football tournament in the Miami Dolphins Bubble
  • Games consist of two 10-minute halves
  • Games are fun, fast and high scoring
  • Fields are 20 yards long, to encourage scoring in a "red zone" format
  • No more than 8 players per team

Players of all ages and ability levels are welcome!  Girls are encouraged to play.
The age groups are as follows:

  • Ages 6-9
  • Ages 10-13
  • Ages 14-17
  • Ages 18+

All teams are guaranteed four preliminary games, followed by a single-elimination playoff.

All players will:

  • Receive a commemorative t-shirt
  • Play at the Miami Dolphins Training Facility
  • Create their own team with friends and family

The winning team will:

  • Receive eight (8) tickets to the Miami Dolphins vs. San Francisco 49ers game on December 14th
  • Enjoy pregame field passes to the Dolphins vs. 49ers game
  • Be recognized on the Dolphin Stadium video boards as Turkey Bowl Champions
  • Participate in a Miami Dolphins halftime show during the Alumni Honor Roll Induction

Click Here to register  now! 

For more information, please contact the Dolphins Academy at (954) 452-7129

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2009 Miami Dolphins Season Tickets

I got this from the Dolphins...
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BE HERE IN 2009.

The 2008 Miami Dolphins season was A New Beginning. 
In actuality, it is Only The Beginning.

Be here in 2009 to see live and in-person how your Dolphins continue to improve under
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Something I didn't understand

With about 12 minutes left to play, Miami led 14-5, and faced a 4th and 4 and the Oakland 34.  They punted, and naturally Oakland got a field goal on that drive.
Then, with about 4:50 left, leading 14-8, Miami faces 4th and 2 on their own 45.  They punt, and Higgins returns it for a TD.
And with two minutes remaining, trailing 15-14, Miami goes for it on 4th and 5 from the Oakland 35.
Okay, I'll grant you the middle one was the "right call" with the wrong outcome.  But the first one was the wrong call.  They punted from the opponent 34?  Sheesh, that's not the right move.  And, well, at the end of the game, a 51 yard field goal may be just at the edge of your kicker's range, so going for it was not a bad idea.
But, seeing it like this makes you scratch your head...

Dolphins win another close one

It was a squeaker against a team that hadn't scored a touchdown - at all - in 3 games. 
Miami's defense was playing solid football, holding the Raiders in check for most of the afternoon.  And in the early going, Miami's offense was doing everything right, and scored 14 points.  
But, then came a safety, a couple of field goals by the Raiders, and a punt return for a TD, and suddenly it was a lead by Oakland.  With 4 minutes left to play.
Chad Pennington exhorted his offsense, asking them to "win one for the gipper" and they responded by driving down the field only to face a 4th and 5 at the Oakland 35.  Too long for a field goal, and a turnover here was ludicrous.  Might as well go for it.  And the result was a first down catch that moved it closer. 
The drive ultimately ended with a field goal from 38 yards out, so Miami took the lead.
But, it wasn't over yet, and Pennington went over and charged up the defense as well.
J-Peasy came up with a big sack and thus ended the day.
An odd game, but a win's a win...

More on the Titans

Their upcoming schedule:
vs the Jets
at Detroit
vs Cleveland
at Houston
vs Pittsburgh
at Indy
3 at home, 3 on the road.  Realistically, there are 3 good matchups left, but this is the NFL and you never know what any team will bring. 
The Jets.  I hate to root for them, but I will this week.  In spite of how it impacts Miami
Detroit could be 0-11 and Tennessee 11-0, and the football gods may enjoy the moment.
Cleveland and Houston may "play for pride"...
Pittsburgh plays physical games with everyone and could be jockeying for playoff position.
And Indy?  At that point, a win could mean the difference between playoffs and sitting at home.

The Tennessee Titans?

The latest threat to Miami's perect season is the 10-0 Tennessee Titans.
It would figure if they went on to win it all.  After all, in the 70s, the then Houston Oilers (who later moved to Tennessee) stole Miami's fight song

"Hous-ton Oilers!  Hou-ston Oilers!  Houston Oilers Number One"
Why not the record, too?
Seriously, though, I don't want Miami's record to fall.  But I would be happy to see Houston, err, Tennessee go 18-1, and be considered one of the best teams ever, and Jeff Fisher should win coach of the year. 


Its the fourth win in a row!!!!!
Sure it may have been another not-so-pretty win, but that puts the Dolphins at 6-4, and one game out of first in the AFC East.
If the playoffs started today, Miami would just miss out, with the final spot going to Baltimore - you know Cam Cameron's team that Miami lost to earlier in the year?

Well that explains it!

On Friday's show, we got a good explanation of whatever happened to the "History of Rock & Roll, Part 1" that really annoying song that used to play at NFL stadiums.  It was ubiqutuous, but then disappeared. 
Well, the story is that the guy who wrote the music - Gary Glitter - was implicated in some sex scandal a few years ago.  And as a result, the NFL decided not to play his music anymore.
See what you can learn on