Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The wildcat

I found this video on Igor's site, and thought it was worth sharing here as well.

[David Lee breaks down the play]

Hip. Hip. Cheerio.

After last week's game, Redskins coach Jim Zorn got his players to join him in a team cheer, of sorts.  He had them say "Hooray" when he said "Hip Hip"....now this is a very old British tradition of three cheers for a job well done.
His players thought he was, well, hip, and thought it was cool that he was using a Naughty By Nature rap song to cheer them on.  You know, that's old school rap and all.
They were surprised to learn later that he was not hip, and was instead harkening back to the 1800s for a cheer.  Now, that's OLD school.

Interesting problem?

One of the keys to Miami's 3-4 defense is to have a big man clog the middle and take on a couple of offensive linemen.  That job falls to 12 year pro Jason Ferguson and 2nd year player Paul Soliai.
Soliai violated some team rule and was suspended for last week's game.  So, that left Ferguson and a much smaller Randy Starks (even though they're listed at the same weight, they're not), who typically playes end, to fill the middle.
Ferguson was injured early in the game, so Starks played most of the way.  The results were a lot of yards rushing and some domination by the Ravens.  Now poor tackling was another problem - one that Sparano will address this week - but clearly the nose tackle was an issue.
Ferguson is expected to miss this week, and that leaves Soliai as the proposed starter, and Miami has a rookie tackle to help as well.
It does kind of make you wonder, though, doesn't it?  That guy could make that much of a difference?


The Kansas City Chiefs talked with Daunte yesterday, and might sign with them.
You know how this will play out, right?  He'll sign with them and play on 12/21 against the Phins, and find a way to beat them.  He'll probably also play against the Raiders for a game and beat them...

Monday, October 20, 2008


After so many years of losing, I think I'm losing it.  I don't want to take anything away from Jake Long, because he's generally good, and Suggs called him 'one of the best tackles in the game'.... but I have to wonder about the choice.  Joe Flacco is having some success, as is Matt Ryan.  And either one could have been ours.
Instead, we have Chad Pennington.  And Chad Henne waiting in the wings.  I'm being impatient, I know, and everyone says "give him time..."  But why didn't we get one of these guys?  And have them starting on day 1?
I'll steal a page from my buddy, Igor's page and say "I'm bored with losing"....
When will it change?

ex-squeeze me?

"Some guys look in the mirror at what they can do and some guys look out the window for someone to blame."
Ah the wisdom of Cam Cameron who was smug as he held his gameball in the post-game press conference.  I guess he felt he had something to prove, and he did...

Pussy cat

Say what you want about Baltimore's defense stopping Miami's 6 wildcat plays.  I noted earlier that there was one play where Pennington lined up at QB.  And, I also wanted to note:
* there was one where Bess was the guy who came in front of the QB, and he passed Ronnie *before* the ball was snapped, which effectively negated the off-balance nature of the play.
* there was a false start on another
* a few blocks were missed
* Ronnie usually ran
* Baltimore ran 8 man fronts to stop the play, and dared Miami to pass
In other words, it was poorly executed each and every time it was run.

Joey Porter

He has 8 1/2 sacks, and is tied for second place in the league.

And I saw a stat that he is the only player to have 70+ sacks and 10+ interceptions in his career.
That's interesting.

Keeper stat

Miami has not converted a single (as in 0 for 2008) 3rd and 10 or longer.

Th egame changing play

Miami had a 3rd and 5 from their own 45 with about 9 minutes to play to halftime.  It was 3-3, and Miami was playing well enough at this point.
Its a play that called for various crossing routes to try and find seams in the zone.  Cobbs is the one in green, while Suggs is in red in the first picture.
In the second, you can see that Pennington is under durress and he's looking for Cobbs. But, there's a defender in front of him, and just out of the picture - owing to his drop - is Suggs.  Chad, you're being sacked.  Don't throw the ball.
Turn to picture #3.  Pennington is being taken down, and now Suggs has "jumped the route"...he knows Pennington is going to throw it toward Cobbs, and its all his.  Did Pennington not see him?  Possibly, because he was deeper and was out of view in pic #2.  But this is the NFL.  You should never, ever, throw a floater out like that.
Pick 6, and the game was over.

Seems so unfair...

Cam "Cam" Cameron coached a total of 9 games at Dolphins stadium between last year and this.  Two of them happened to be against the Ravens and he happened to be on the winning end of each.  He even got the Gatorade shower.
When he was coaching Miami, his offenses were inept and his defenses couldn't rise to the challenge.  When he was coaching the Ravens, his offense was anything but inept, and Miami's defense couldn't rise to the challenge.
So why the frick couldn't he find ways to win "with the talent he had" while he was here?  He had  agood game plan for beating the Dolphins, but never seemed to have much of one for beating anyone with the Dolphins.
And with a rookie QB no less?

I can only imagine what Bill was thinking

I loved the shots of Parcells up in the owner's box.  But, I wonder what he might have been thinking about...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A minor correction

Ronnie Brown did manage to rush for 27 yards.  But, still....


Heading out of last week, you had to wonder how the Dolphins would respond.  Would they be motivated to go out and dominate?  Or would it be the start of a crash.  Surely, its too early to tell if this is the start of a crash.  But, they didn't go out and dominate.
Chad Pennington was pretty mediocre.  Ted Ginn actually sort of played today.  Davone Bess caught a TD pass.  But Brown and Williams were held in check.  I think Williams led the team with 16 yards rushing.  And the wildcat?  More like the pussycat.  It did nothing on the day.  I think the #1 defense in the NFL was effective against it.
Got any new wrinkles, Mr. Henning?  I guess not.  Well, they did try using Pennington as the receiver of the snap, and ran Brown in Williams' slot.  But that wasn't so effective, since Pennington was playing in position.  When he was out of position, he was driven out of bounds.
Some people said that Miami was still in contention after last week. After all, the lost wasn't that bad.  I would say they were in contention today for a top 5 draft pick.  Or is it too early to start talking about the players that will be available then?

On Miami's 2 victories

Sure, Miami beat both teams that played in AFC Champeenship last year.  But, we know the Patriots are bad.  And we're learning now that the Chargers aren't all that great, either.
So, maybe, just maybe, Miami really isn't as good as they looked in those two games.

2 minutes left

And this stinkin' team -
* Loses at home
* To Cam Cameron's team
* In basically a blowout
* To a team that lost 7 straight road games
* And hadn't scored more than 15 in god-knows-how-long
Miami is NOT ready for primetime.

This was a game they should have won, but obviously couldn't.
Maybe I'm teetering off the bandwagon again.  Maybe.

What's that smell?

Let's see....the wind is blowing from Dolphins Stadium....and it smells like rotting fish...so that would mean its the Dolphins. 
What a pathetic performance in the first half.  Cam Cameron comes to Miami with a rookie QB, and the Fins can't fins an answer as he carves up Miami's defense?  Holy crap.  You would think they'd be well prepared for what Cameron has to offer.  But, you'd be wrong.
And on offense?  We had a WTF moment when Pennington threw a perfect pick 6.  Just great.
At 17-6 and ending the half on a sack, I have that gut wrenching feeling its just going to get worse in half #2.