Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sombreros para todos

There was an amusing reference to a player "wearing a sombrero" on each play. The point was to say that on each defensive play, one of the Dolphins would stand out to the QB.

Cute. Clever. But, I had a couple of visions pass through my head.

Dolfan Denny.

A dolphin with a sombrero.

A defender with a sombrero.

They all made me chuckle.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Football terminology

This week's question is "What's the West Coast Offense?"
Back in the early 80's, Bill Walsh wsa coaching the San Francisco 49ers.  He was a bit of an innovator, and was trying to make use of a relatively mobile QB (Joe Montana), a couple of smallish running backs with good hands (most notably Roger Craig), a tight end who could get open (Dwight Clark), and receivers with good hands.
What he created was a short-pass-oriented offense that relies on a lot of motion - before and after the snap - to create confusion and mismatches between the pass catchers and defenders.
A typical play would have two running backs in the backfield, one of whom would go in motion to the right side of the field.  Then, at the snap, Montana would roll right and the line blocking would also move that way to create more of a passing pocket in a different position.  The d-line has to react by trying to get upfield at an angle, giving Montana more time.
The tight end might run a short curl to the inside, one running back might go toward the sideline short, while the other might go further up the field, and the receiver goes deeper still.  The pass would go to the running back near the sideline who is likely to be lined up against a linebacker, and a quick move might elude the guy, while the other receivers start blocking, to create a lane.  The key was that the players had a specific place to be on the field, and the "progression" (which receiver to look at first, second, etc) was easy, because they were all in a specific position.
The objective was to gain short yardage on every play, not to create any knockout punches.  It was typical grind it out, but with passing instead of rushing.  They used the pass to setup the run, which was counter to "conventional wisdom."
Believe it or not, this hadn't been done much before that point, and like the shotgun spread today or the wildcat the Dolphins ran recently, it surprised a lot of teams....but Don Coryell did provide a bit of a framework for it in the late 70s and into the 80s with a quick passing offense that Dan Fouts ran in San Diego.  It relied on getting a passing game going that made a lot of teams struggle and scored a lot of points.
Walsh really was able to perfect it, partly because of innovation, partly because of the players he selected.  You can still see variations of it in use today, most notably by the Eagles under Andy Reid (a protege of Walsh).  McNabb is the mobile QB, and Westbrook is the good receiving running back. did it get that name?  Well, the legend is that a San Francisco reporter asked New York Giants coach Bill Parcells how he liked "that west coast offense"  after a 17-3 loss in the 1985 playoffs.  Parcells mocked him, and it made the highlights, and the name stuck.

It'll be on the telly

The remaining "few thousand'' tickets were purchased before 1pm today.
But the Dolphins announced that "Because of returns from the Chargers team allotment, tickets are still available."


Assuming we don't get the Dolphins game, the NFL rule is that each network can only show a single game.  So we'll get Dallas-Cincinnatti early and the Giants-Seahawks late.
Those are two pretty crummy games.

Not a sellout?

Miami was granted an extension to try and sellout the game and lift the local blackout.
Hmmm.  I'm sure if they hadn't won in their last game, the Dolphins and the local CBS Affiliate would have already guaranteed it would sell out.  But, they did, and Wayne wants butts in those seats.
Trouble is, as we hear it, there are a *lot* of seats available, and it is in real jeopardy of not selling otu.
I have somewhere I need to go until 2, so there's no way I can go to the only hope is to Tivo it...if its blacked out, I won't see it at all.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

My web site, my rules

Sheesh.  I have a strong belief that the President of the US, and by extension the VP as well, should be intelligent and well spoken.  The office should be held to a higher standard.  There's a certain dignity to it. 
...and John McCain is whatever he is.  Take him or leave him.
But that folksy person he has on her ticket - she is exhibiting a strong Peter Principle, namely that people rise to the level of their own incompetence.  She's a dope and believing in her for whatever reason is fool's folly.  The fact that she is even being considered as a legitimate contender for Vice President of this great country is an abomination, and an embarrassment to intelligent, hard working people of this country!
I can only imagine that our allies and our enemies are laughing at how low we have gone.
Vote for her at your own peril!  (And mine)
[we're sorry; we asked him to not post politics here, but Dave will be Dave]

The beatdown continues

Joey Porter got another sack against Matt Cassell this week.  Really.

After reviewing the game films, the official stats group gave Porter a sack for a tackle that was originally a 1-yard run.
I expect tomorrow we'll hear that they actually award 2 more yards (and a TD) to Ricky to give him 100, and accusations that Miami ran up the score.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fat dolphins going on a diet at Japan aquarium

I didn't even know that they spent their off week in Japan!
[from Yahoo]
In this photo released by Kinosaki Marine World, one of dolphins at the Japanese marine park in Toyooka, western Japan, is fed mackerel Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 30, 2008 as they go through the final stage of a low fat diet after developing pot bellies and failing to look sharp in their aquatic performances. Park spokesman Haruo Imazu said Tuesday that all its 19 dolphins have been on a low fat diet since late August, when they started failing to hit jumping targets and keep upright while treading water. Keepers found the mackerels on their menu had gotten fattier, adding too many calories for the dolphins. (AP Photo/Haruo Imazu, Kinosaki Marine World, HO)

Tue Sep 30, 7:24 AM ET

TOKYO - Dolphins at a Japanese marine park are going on a low fat diet after developing pot bellies and failing to look sharp in their aquatic performances.

Kinosaki Marine World in western Japan said Tuesday that all its 19 dolphins have been on a low fat diet since late August, when they started failing to hit jumping targets and keep upright while treading water.

"We were puzzled by their poor performance, then we noticed they looked rounder," said park spokesman Haruo Imazu.

Keepers measured their weight and found all had gotten plumper, some up to 22 pounds heavier just during the summer.

All had the same menu — about 31 pounds of mackerel mixed with some white fish — but keepers found the mackerels had gotten fattier, adding too many calories for the dolphins.

Keepers immediately put them on a weight loss program, feeding them more white fish and less fatty mackerels, while instituting a routine exercise regime, Imazu said.

Less fat and moderate exercise seemed to be working, he said.

Starting QBs

Joe Flacco had a decent outing against the Steelers last night, and in his first two games in the NFL.  Interestingly, his OC is none other than "Cam" Cameron!  You know the guy who failed forward fast here last season, and went on and on about how you shouldn't start a rookie at QB because they're not ready...
Now I know he's the OC and not the coach, and there were some injuries, but couldn't he find a way to make it work with Beck???


The Dolphins got up a scrimmage against my high school team this bye weekend.  Not the current incarnation, but the one that is playing this season; rather the one that was from my time, 25 years ago.
It was close for about 3 quarters, because we threw some high school trick plays their way, and they couldn't adjust.  But then Joey Porter started jawing and took control of the game, and plus we all had to get ready to go to work on Monday so we stopped playing hard, and gave up a late safety.  The final was 28-26, and it was a hoot.  Granny filled in a bit at the end for our starting QB.
So, the Dolphins can beat my grandmother!