Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can anyone explain this?

FIU just built a new on-campus stadium that isn't eactly "state-of-the-art," but does include some amenities like a club, and will include some skyboxes in the future.
The total cost is estimated at $80 million.
Meanwhile, in both Indy and Dallas, they're building new stadiums that are showpieces.  The cost?  North of $1 billion dollars.
So, how is it that it costs more than 12 times as much to build something "nice" as opposed to something "functional" ???
They do serve the same purpose, don't they?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Miami sits at 0-2, and looks ahead to New England, San Diego, Houtson (who they have *never* beaten), Baltimore (and wouldn't Cam love to beat this team?), Buffalo, and Denver in the next 6.
I would say 0-8 is a real possibility...
Now after that, 4-4 is realistic with Seattle, Oakland, the Rams, the 49ers, and KC on the slate in the season's second half.

In case you didn't notice

The Dolphins are a flat 0 in +/- (or takeaways / giveaways).  They did recover a fumble, but they also had an interception thrown.  That's middle of the pack.
And interestingly, the Cards are tops in the league at +5.  Maybe they are good?

Dolphin plus Buffalo = The Dolffalo

I got the attached in an email earlier today.  And it is worth passing along.  Enjoy!!!
Dear Dave,
Love your site. It's a bitch-fest!
thought you'd be interested in this...I sent it to the Herald as well...
In a bag of Trader Joe's Buffalo Jerky, I found a piece of jerky shaped exactly like the Miami Dolphins' logo.  We call it . . .
I imagine this will be an item of considerable interest leading up to the first Bills/Dolphins game on Oct. 26.
 Original Buffalo Jerky Dolphin Collectible
Fred "the frEditor" Donini-Lenhoff

Wanker Bowl!

This weekend the Wa-NICK-er takes on Bobby Petrino in an epic clash of teams who left their NFL clubs to be lauded in the college ranks.
Who wins?  Well, nobody.  Who cares?  Only the people who are suckered in by their "charm."
I wouldn't be surprised to see the football gods make something really funny happen in this game...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Consider this

An off-season ago, Nick ran away with his tail between his legs.  And we hired a new coach; it was your basic disaster. 
Last season, Atlanta's coach (Bobby Petrino) one-upped Nick by quitting during the season and lying about it. 
The Falcons tried to get Parcells but Miami "stole" him away.  So, they hired Rich McKay to fill the same role.  Rich was the architect who tuned the Bucs around.  He hired Mike Smith as coach, and they drafted Matt Ryan...
The early returns are showing that the Falcons are competitive, and Ryan is playing decent.  At least there's fight in all of them anyway.  And they already have a win!
So, considering they were two teams on similar tracks, who is in better shape?  Right now, I'd give the edge to Atlanta, though we'll check back during the season to see...

Eagles - Cowboys

I was watching the game last night, and thinking about the last time Miami was involved in a close, hard-fought, high-scoring game where the pendulum swung back and forth and either team could win...
...and the conclusion I came to was that would be December 4, 2005.  Dolphins 24, Bills 23.  Chris Chambers catches a pass from Sage Rosenfels, who had come on in relief of an injured Gus Ferrotte at the end of the game.

That's not to say there haven't been any exciting games in between, but that one fit the bill for me.
Think about that.  For a scintillating, high-scoring game, you have to go back to 2005 to find a game like that.   36 games have come and gone in between...
And my point is: how many of these games has the NFL seen in that time span?  There have been about 576 regular season games in that span, and another 33 games including the playoffs, for about 600 games in total - maybe 25% fall into that category.  And Miami had none of them.

That's how bad this team is...

the media is making decisions?

Tony Sparano is now channeling coaches past. Yesterday, he pulled a page from Wanny's playbook (hmmm, on second thought, maybe his moustache channeled Dave)...

He was talking about some of his in-game decisions and made a comment to the effect of 'I was thinking about how you guys would react, so I did something that I thought you would be okay with.'

Kidding? I have no idea. What is up with that?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another resolution

I vow that for the remainder of this season, I will enjoy my Sundays and not watch a Dolphins game live, unless there's another reason to do so. 
I might listen to tidbits on the radio, or watch it if its on somewhere.  If I'm home and feel like catching football, I'll watch other teams play on Sundays, and watch my (formerly beloved) Dolphins through the magic of Tivo sometime after its over.
Enough is enough.

72 Phins Branded Merchandise.

Our buddy Brian (the PhinPhinatic) wrote an article for that I wanted to share...

He also notes that Mercury Morris said that the Dolphins are launching a 1972 line of branded merchandise.  maybe we can at least recall one of the true hilights in franchise history - 'cause that's all we got.  You can find the merchandise here:  You will need to follow the "Game Day Gear" menu to get to the merchandise.

this team couldn't beat my grandmother

You knew it was time for that line, didn't you?  I mean we played the two grandfathers of the league in Brett Favre and Kurt Warner the first two weeks of the season.  Who's next?  George Blanda and his mother?

The roster

Although its >50% turnover on this team, I don't think it went far enough.  They should jettison anyone who's not performing, and forget about the implications to the cap.  Ted Ginn (jr) should be the first one to be shown the door.  Either that or just make him a punt returner, and forget about him as a wideout.


Okay, so here are my thoughts on Henne -
Year in and year out we've had a coach come here and bring in his aging QB in whom he has unwavering faith.  Why that is is well beyond me.  Enter Sparano who has the brash and bravado.  He brings in McCown to fight for the job but has a young guy in Beck to groom.  Then, Henne falls in their lap, and for the first time in, well, forever, we have a QB - maybe two - who might be the future of the franchise.
Then, Pennington becomes available.  I never liked the guy, and still don't.  But he performs well enough in the preseason to warrant the starting job.  I'm fine with that.  But, he has two very mediocre performances, and in the blowout that was yesterday's game, he was pulled in favor of Henne.  And Henne looked good.
After the game, he was asked if Henne would start next week and his one word answer was predictable: "no."  What he didn't need to say was "I'm going to stick with the veteran in whom my faith hasn't wavered, because that's what coaches do."
Its nonesense, and we've seen it for too many years around here.  Clearly this team is not good enough to win 4 games this year, so why don't you play Henne and see what he can do, and let him grow with the team?  Or for hat matter, give Beck a try.  This is like an extended preseason anyway.  Outcomes don't matter. 
Like it or not, we're playing for the future.

The play

It was Arizona's 2nd play from scrimmage and reportedly Anquan Boldin (who could have been Miami's pick instead of Eddie Moore, thank you very much) said he believed that they could catch Miami in some unusual coverages.
He was right.  [Dave deleted the video before he took a screen shot, so hopefully this pic gets posted]
Arizona lined up 5 receivers, 3 to the left and two to the right.  Boldin - the red receiver - ran a fly pattern (straight up the field).  The problem was Miami went nickel and was playing a zone defense with it, so a LB was lined up on Boldin and the Safety (Crocker, if memory serves) was supposed to help deep.  But, he saw the receivers on the bottom run short patterns and came up to help, ignoring the three at the top until he realized what was going on, and came back. 
But by then it was too late.
This was a combination of poor scheme, poor play calling, poor performance, and general lack of talent. 
It was ugly and only underscores just how bad this team is.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


That game sucked!  Was that the 2007 Fins or the 2008 Fins!  Punting in the opponents territory.   Going for the FG when you're way behind.  Being all conservative.  What is this crap?!
Since Game 13 in 2006 - you know when Nick to Alabama rumors started - Miami has only managed 1 win, and in that span, they also haven't scored a TD on their opening drive of the game.
I'm freakin' annoyed with this team.  I'm not drinking any more Kool-Aid.  I did that with Nick and with Cam.  This team SUCKS, and the head coach is just as bad as the last two.
I've already made a decision that I will NOT watch the game this weekend if the same 22 guys are slated as the starters; and in particular if Chad Henne is not listed as the starter, you can forget about me watching the game.
This is just nonsense.  I'm not wasting more time to watch them go 0 for the early part of the season and not even put up a fight.  Meanwhile the stinkin' Pats lose their prime time player and they still manage to pull out wins.
I'm about THIS CLOSE to picking a new team to root for.

Think I'm kidding?