Friday, September 05, 2008

Ho hum

It was a quiet night for the usually in-your-face Jason Taylor. He had two tackles, and I believe was credited with one hurry.

And that's it.

Otherwise he was pretty invisible.

[with respect to Getty Images]

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tomorrow night

Kim Bokamper will be joining us live on Friday night on

Be sure and tune in at 8ET to hear what he has to say about the Dolphins, this play, and Ace Ventura!

box for soap

I know I said I wouldn't make another comment about politics except to remind you to vote. But, its my blog, and I make the rules. I am making an exception.

What I am commenting on today is ignorance. To the issues, to the candidates, and to what they are actually saying. The media and the spin doctors make this the easy choice because they use "sound bites" to help certain themes resonante.

And I am asking everyone who reads this to rise up and ensure you are not ignorant of what is going on around you. When this one says that we need to have this program or that one, ask how he will pay for it. Dig around, find out. And when that one says we need energy independence, ask how they plan to accomplish that.

And something that chafes me in particular is this desire to drill offshore. There are a few simple things to remember: (1) it would take *years* to find and tap the reserves, (2) the government would put the rights to drill to bid. Who wins that bid might not be an American owned company, or a company with "our" interests in mind, (3) when the oil becomes available, it is not automatically there for the consumer. It will be owned by an oil company, and they will treat it the same way as oil bought from elsewhere - they will use OPEC pricing and it will be available through the same channels, and finally (4) oil doesn't follow the supply and demand logic; there is no SHORTAGE of oil today. Our own government is as responsible for the price increase as much as any other factor. Having more oil doesn't solve anything, really.

Keep that in mind as you listen to people talk, and remember to ask yourself if what you're hearing passes the litmus test (does it make sense?) on this and every topic.

Thank you.

/end soap box/

[editors note: we tried to dissuade him, but he is "bitchin" Dave after all]


I was flipping through the "September" issue of SI kids the other day. Miami was pegged at 4 wins, saying that they had no solid QB, because neither McCown nor Beck were the long term answer. And, they thought the Jets would have Kellen Clemmens starting at QB over Pennington.

Forget about prognosticating for the season. I think they should stop *predicting* what will happen in a month, since the issue came out in early August.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Ricky got a contract extension of 1 year, which many believe is a sure sign of confidence in him. I tend to agree, but I think it also removes any distraction that might have otherwise happened this season.

I read an article about him recently, that he wants to finish his degree, and is taking courses at a local university to do so. But, here's the oddity: he still has 74 credits to complete to get his undergrad degree. The low-end number of credits to get a college degree is about 120 credits.

He left Texas a senior, which would mean that in 4 years, he accumulated 46 credits. That's only 12 a year. My understanding of the NCAA rules is that you have to have 12 credits per semester to maintain eligibility. He had only half that.

And how does someone "go to college" for 4 years and only amass 46 credit hours, anyway? I know people who did that many in a single year (they were masochists, but they did it).

Sunday, August 31, 2008

No respect

I saw a print ad for JCPenney which boasted that you could buy your NFL gear from them. Great.

The ad showed a bunch of jerseys with the backs shown, so you could see the names on them. First observation: it gives a price, but under it, it says "Cowboys jerseys' prices slightly higher." Huh? Isn't this the NFL, where parity - even in marketing - is paramount?

And then I'm looking and I realize that there are 30 jerseys shown, but there are of course 32 teams. Who's missing? Well, Buffalo and Cleveland...but wait, there's no Miami either. How can that be?

Of course the answer is that there are two Patriots jerseys shown - Moss and Maroney. But, surprisingly, no Brady.

Figures. Miami gets dissed in the ad, while the Patriots are prominent.

And any guesses whose jersey is shown for the Jets? Pennington.

Our 53rd guy isn't as good as that guy...

The Dolphins claimed 3 players off waivers today, and as a result released 3 players who "made the team"...

They picked up a WR, and 2 OLs, and cut a WR, an OL, and a LB.

Such is life in the NFL - "one day you're up, the next you're last week's news"


The Dolphins extended Williams' contract by 1 year, saying "We didn't want him to be a free agent, so we extended him. We see it out there. He's done an excellent job in the weight room, the meeting rooms. He's jumped out at us on tape. He's done good in the preseason…. He's done everything we've asked him to do. He's a player that's shown us that he can play and we didn't want him to make the free agent market."

As ever, contract details were not released, but he is expected to get a nice raise.

Preseason awards

Its not the good old days. Gone are the players that made these awards so special. But, we've still got a couple of awards to hand out:

  • Best facial hair. Without a doubt Paul Soliai wins this award. There aren't words to describe this except "cool" (because he is 355 pounds after all)

  • Yatil Green award for getting injured early in training camp: As we discussed, Tab Perry wins this one with the achilles tear back in May. We do feel bad for the guy, and hope he takes consolation in this award.

  • Best body art: lots of guys have tattoos these days [insert bad joke here]. Heck, Channing Crowder is virtually covered with them. But, for the most visible, we turn to Jake Long, who has the word "LONG" tattooed on his triceps. We were thinking they could have just not put a name on his jersey this season, to save a few bucks - its that visible.

  • Best name: Scorpio Babers had the inside track, but he got cut too early to merit serious consideration. So, Boomer Grigsby is our less-than-perfect choice as a winner.

  • Best hair: There are more guys with dreds, and of course you have Satele's flowing hair. But, for overall effect, Davone Bess has the most unique hair on the team.

  • Best cheerleader moment: Well, we didn't really have one, but that shouldn't stop us from posting a picture of a cheerleader here, should it?

  • Best offseason moment: For Dolphins fans everyone, I suppose that would be the day that Bill Parcells walked into Cam Cameron's office and told him to raise his right hand, and wave it from side to side. I could just imagine Bill saying "now say goodbye."

  • Best acquisition: Seems like the trade that brought both Akin Ayodele and Anthony Fasano was pretty darn good. They're both starters and look like they'll be good for years to come.

  • Best rookie, thus far: With respect to Chad Henne, how about Donald Thomas. A walkon at UConn, who only played football for 2 years. Now the starting right guard for the Miami Dolphins.

  • Biggest loss: Watching JT leave was hard. He was the team leader, and a fan favorite.

  • Defining moment of the preseason: The 5 play goal line stand against the Chiefs leads me to believe this team will be a qualified good this sesaon.

  • Predicition: 7 wins. That's a 600% improvement over last year.