Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dolphins 24, Chefs 0

Yeah, but who are the Chefs?

It was great to see the players really playing hard AND having fun. It was a heck of a game this evening, the kind you hope is a building block for the season...

I'll break it down some more after I've had time to think about what worked and what didn't, but for now let me just say that I was impressed, overwhelmed, and ecstatic about what I saw.

This game was better than *ANY* game they played under the last head coach.

An observation

I was looking around the stands at jerseys that people were wearing, to get a sense of who the new fan favorite might be. In my totally unscientific view, here's what I saw:

JT 10%
Zach 10%
Chiefs jerseys 8%
Brown 8%
Porter 8%
Ricky Williams 8%
Marino 7%
custom jersey 7%
other teams jerseys 6%
Ginn 6%
Henne 6%
throwback (Csonka, Griese, etc) 6%
Chambers 5%
Seau 3%

And that leaves the small group who appeared to be related to Greg Camarillo and who were all wearing his jersey


In tonight's game, Justin Peele made a break on the ball, brought the ball down at the back of the endzone, and got both feet down. Touchdown?.....right?

In this case, wrong.

I noticed as Peele came down the official watched him fall all the way to the ground. And then he ruled incomplete. Naturally, Miami challenged the play, but it was upheld as being incomplete, and the fans went rather nutso, because it sure looked like a TD.

So, what gives? There's a new rule that was put in place this year (or more to the point, it actually clarifies an existing rule): when a player comes down with a ball at the sideline or endzone, they have to maintain possession as they hit the ground. Peele did not do that, and on the replay that was very clear.

So, no catch, and the officials got it right both times. I was moderately surprised that Sparano challenged it, but you never know what you might see, I suppose.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Gene Upshaw

We here at Dave's would like to pay our respects to Gene Upshaw, yet another in a long line of 70s era players who have died much to young.

Upshaw was a stalwart on the Raiders o-lines of the 70s, and is in the hall of fame. But his work as the head of the NFLPA was outstanding. Love him or loathe him in that role, he changed the face of the NFL, got players more money, and was instrumental getting the NFL as popular as it is today.

May the football gods welcome you warmly.

Travis Daniels

Another of last year's holdovers was traded to the Browns earlier this week. Travis Daniels (a Nick holdover) was sent away for an "undisclosed" (meaning late round) draft pick.

We're down to 31 players left on the roster from last year.

Say What?

I can only laugh at the cover of Forbes. I mean, what has he done, exactly, to merit this sort of attention?


Media Takeout article

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dolphins defeat the Jags

I did get to watch preseason game numero dos, against the Jags. The Dolphins offense looked pretty good and mounted some very patient drives to score some points. Pennington - not one of my favorite players who I am likely never to root for - was pretty accurate and threw some deep balls that made some nice gains. And Henne continues to develop nicely. No doubt in my mind anymore - he's the QB of the future for this franchise.

I liked the way the o-line played overall. Long had his ups and downs, but for a rookie playing against a veteran end, he did okay. I'm still a little unimpressed with our receivers, and I would guess Boomer Grigsby beat out Reagan Mauia as the FB.

Over on defense, an injury to Vonnie Holliday and the return of Joey Porter caused some shuffling. Roth moved to LB, and did a good job, while Merling started at DE, which provided some good results. I think there's a combo in there that might work. Jason Allen still needs to improve, but he's much better than he was at other points in his career.

The 3-4 with these particular linebackers seem to be a good fit, and should provide the ability to slow down other teams.

I'm tellin' ya, they're just good enough to surprise a few teams.

I've been remiss

Over the last week or so, I was travelling. I missed the first pre-season game, all the "local" news I normally would have read, and really wasn't able to keep up with the I had limited internet access.

But, since yesterday, I've been catching up. And here's what I know:
  • The phins first pre-season affair was a mediocre show that demonstrated this is a 1-15 team that has overhauled its roster.
  • Jay Feeley was cut, and made some snide comment that the team is devoid of talent. Vonnie Holliday threw it right back and suggested the talent *improved* after Feeley was cut.
  • Chad Pennington is the starter, and it looks like Chad Henne is being groomed as the true backup.
  • Where that leaves Beck and McCown is anyone's guess, but there are rumors that Beck is being shopped (for a 7th round pick?)
  • I think the O-line is pretty much set, left to right, its Long, Smiley, Satele, Donald Thomas, and Carey. That's the same o-line its been since about the 4th day of training camp
  • Ernest Willford was demoted to the 4th receiver, behind Ginn, Hagan, and Bess.
  • Ronnie Brown appears to be healthy and ready to start the season
  • Yermiah Bell also appears to be recovered

    And that's what I gleaned from everything I've seen. Use the email link if you think I've missed anything!
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