Friday, August 08, 2008

so much for that theory

Chad Pennington said on Wedesday - when asked about the still-potential trade of Brett Favre to the Jets - that he looked forward to the competition, and then was cut as soon as Brett came to town.

Now, Miami has signed Pennington with the intent that he *will be* Miami's starting quarterback. I don't know whether it means they really don't like Beck or McCown, but I certainly think that would be the case.

So, now the QB competition becomes which of these three won't make the team: Pennington, Beck, or McCown. Because, certainly Henne will make the team, and he will not go to the practice squad. So there are really only two other roster spots open.

I believe that unless Pennington's shoulder is not fully healed, it won't be him. So will it be Beck or McCown? They invested a lot in Beck because the QB coach was with him all off-season. McCown not so much, but he does come with less of a "history" in the sense of what we saw last season from Beck.

And for the record, I'm annoyed at the Dolphins getting another washed-up-has-been QB to play here for a year. Its been that way every year since 99, and I'm tired of it. At least this time, though, Henne is waiting for his big chance.

Dolphins 14, Bucs 10

Okay, here's what I'm assuming will happen tomorrow night: Beck will start at QB and look serviceable, but make a few mistakes. Ginn looks okay as the wideout, but what the heck is up with him *not* returning kicks, anyway?

McCown looks a little better, but he's not the answer. The defense looked solid.

But it was a last minute drive by Chad Henne that won the game. You can feel it, the fans are rallying behind him.

Overall, the game was a tease. We saw some good things, but nothing spectacular.

Now-lets see if I'm right.


What is it with this team and QBs? Marino retired, and then we got Fielder (who was "the caretaker") and a series of grisled veterans who were brought in for one year and then released. The only guy we appeared to making any sort of commitment for - and who was a younger guy anyway - was AJ Feeley. And clearly he was the wrong guy.

And now there's talk of Pennington coming in. Why should this year be any different?

I know you try and improve the team, but at the most important position to bring in *another* guy who will be here for one year? What does that say about McCown and/or Beck? They're not getting it done?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Um, no

I was reading earlier that Chad Pennington might be a fit for the Dolphins now that Brett Farver has come to town.  Um, yeah, this team could use another backup type to come and play.  Or not.
Yes, Chad *was* an above average QB...before his shoulder injury.
Now, he's just average, and he's 32, which by QB standards is fairly old.
Similar to my line of thinking with Quincy Carter, why bring him in to take reps away from the younger guys?

We'll be seeing Favre twice a year?

Looks like Brett Far-va-ruh will still be donning a green uniform this season, as we hear the trade to the Jets has been done. 
That first game sure look like it could be a win for Miami when the Jets come to not so much.

Wankers beware!

I'm not entirely sure what to make of this:  the NFL now has a "code of fan conduct"...The concept is to go after anything that "detracts from the gameday experience," and violators will suffer premature ejection and kept from coming back...

But, how will they enforce it?  Will stadium personnel be making the decisions?  Or the police who are on duty at the event?  And what of not being allowed back?  How will they stop someone, in all practicality?  I see this is a nice thing to say, but it seems unlikely to really work out, and could be scrutinized by some legal types.

Okay, so what would qualify someone as a wanker under the rules?
- Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal.
- Drunkenness and signs of alcohol impairment that result in irresponsible behavior.
- Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.
- Interference with the progress of the game, including throwing objects onto the field.
- Failing to follow instructions of stadium personnel.
- Verbal or physical harassment of fans from the opposing team.

Luke and Josh

It *appears* as though Josh McCown will start for the Phins this weekend, and his brother Luke will start for the Bucs. Here's to hoping there are no chain saws around, after what happened last time the two of them got together.

Dan-cing with the stars?

Dan Marino has been rumored to be a potential contestant on the show, following in Jason Taylor's footsteps...but he denies its true, and Joe Rose thinks its hysterical to think about Dan being graceful.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Leveling the playing field

We couldn't help but notice that the commissioner's edict that any teams locker room or press box could be searched by the NFL, and the subsequent rule change to allow for two defensive players to wear helmets with headsets seem to be connected.

There were allegations that the Patriots had headsets in a couple of defenders helmets last year, and if that's true, these two items having a connection would make a lot of sense.

And most importantly, it would level the playing field with that SFB who coaches the New England team.

cut to the chase

The Dolphins - naturally - have a lot of changing faces on the 80-man roster. Every day, you read reports about how some guy shows up on the field that's not on the daily roster, and some other guy doesn't show.

This week, the Dolphins cut a guy who had blisters on his feet (and cited that as the reason for the axe falling), and our training camp favorite for the best name - Scorpio Babers.

Ah well, I'm sure we'll find another guy to like.