Sunday, May 25, 2008

What every kid with style is wearing in Nicaragua...

...but I wish I had one!!

The Onion strikes again

January 24, 2008

NFL Denies Miami Dolphins' Request To Watch Super Bowl

MIAMI—Just hours after filing their annual request to view the NFL Championship Game, an annual ritual usually regarded as a mere formality for most football teams, the foundering Miami Dolphins organization received a curt "no" from the league's front office. "It is the considered opinion of the league that winning only a single game out of 16 is well below the standard we expect from our teams," the response from the league, penned by Roger Goodell and signed by a coalition of NFL owners, read in part. "We the undersigned feel the free time of Miami's players, coaches, and front-office personnel would be better spent scouting the draft, working on their fundamentals, or perhaps even seeking alternate employment." Goodell attached a special rider to the Super Bowl denial-of-viewership form specifically instructing the Dolphins not to try and watch the Super Bowl at a bar or at someone else's house, as the NFL would be sure to find out eventually.

Another Patriots piece of news

I nearly forgot to mention another piece of news I saw about the Patriots a few days ago. It was buried among all the spygate reports, and has been lost by the media for the most part.

The Pats over the last 8 years have used players who were injured reserve in their practices. The rule is very clear that if you are suspended or on IR, you may *not* practice with the team. You may work out at the facility, but only if no other team members and coaches are not there.

This is another small example of how Bill Ass-munch "interpreted" the rules differently than 31 other coaches.

The guy should be banished from the game.