Saturday, May 03, 2008

Jake Long

Long wore #77 in college, but Drew Mormino is wearing it with the Dolphins....I suspect some amount of the delay in announcing a jersey number had to do with working through some triviality related to potentially getting #77.

But, then, Long walked onto the field wearing #79.

So is that the end of it? Hardly. According to the Dolphins pro shop: 2008 Dolphins #1 Draft Pick. Jersey will not ship until the official player's number has been approved by the Dolphins. ETA 3-4 weeks

And they show it as 00, which I think is a cool number.
[editor's note, this image was lifted from the Dolphins Pro Shop and is copyright by eSports Partners, inc. It is shown here because of its amusement factor]

John Avery

He did a bit of (what can loosely be called) stand up comedy. I included it at the end of the most recent edition of "Bitchin and the Shed Dawg"...catch it here

More signings

A couple of days after the initial spate of signings, the Phins signed about another 7 guys you would have only have heard of if you were a college football junkie. And, they followed that up by inviting 10 other players to "try out" this weekend.

Meaning that if they're good enough, they'll get one of those rookie FA contracts, and otherwise get a small stipend, and a bus ticket home.

One of those guys was a DII QB who played more WR than QB, and who Miami figures to be a "slash" type of wideout.

Anyway, they started a minicamp with the 9 draft picks, the 14 signings, and the 10 tryout players this weekend. Henne was tossing the ball around and the aforementioned QB said "he looked good, and he throws the ball better than I do!" which I found amusing.

The camp (naturally) is closed to the public. Figures. And there's no word about future camps.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Truth or fiction?

I heard Joe Bailey on his hype about the Dolphins show this evening...

He was talking about an NFL event where Michael Strahan talked about what factor really brought them together as a team. And it was...the trip to London. Although it was a 3 point game in sloppy conditions, Bailey relays that Strahan said it was the bonding experience, the inconvenience that brought the team together and made them stronger; and led to them ultimately winning the superbowl.

Not surprisingly, Joe commented that this is a good reason to continue the international series of games, and grow them.

My take is a little different in that Miami - very indirectly - had something to do with knocking off the Cheatriots this season. Bully!

...and by the way, when the Steelers won the superbowl a few years ago, they credit the time they spent locked up in a hotel as hurricane Katrina passed as their big bonding moment.

How, exactly, is it that Miami can be so intimately linked to both of the other team's bonding experiences, and have nothing to show for it themselves?

The JT saga

...its becoming more and more like the "Danny and Jimmy" soap opera we had here in '97 and '98.

And it seems to be gaining some momentum. I wonder how this all will end.

And why is it that we seem to have a soap opera with this team, pretty much every year since Shula left? What does that tell you?

Monday, April 28, 2008

JT story

There was a story in today's Herald about JT stopping by training camp about 10 days ago. He made a point of going by Parcells' office to introduce himself. Bill reportedly looked up from the tape he was watching, stared at Jason, then went back to what he was doing.

Jason was reportedly pissed off.

This could be a fun season!

More acquisitions

The Dolphins signed 7 college free agents. A few more linemen (big surprise), a couple of wideouts, and a kicker. You probably have never heard of any of these guys. But, there was one receiver from Hawai'i whose name I did recognize.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rounding out the draft

The Phins finished up with 4 more draft picks to bring in the 9 selections. Oddly, there was nary a CB or WR among them. Maybe they know something we don't? Like a big time wideout might get released or traded for basically nothing? Or maybe they have their eyes on a decent corner?

So, they wound up with 2 more RBs: Jalen Parmale out of Toledo (no relation to Bernie, we're told), and Lex Hilliard out of Montana. Gotta love the name Lex, don't you?

They also picked up some depth on the o-line and d-line. They got Donald Thomas out of Connecticut for the offense (U Conn has a respectable football team? Who knew?) and Lionel Dotson out of Arizona. He appears to be a beast.

So, all in all, its wasn't a bad couple of days. At least they shored up both sides of the line of scrimmage, and added some depth to the team.

Odd isn't it? Last year it was the small school Pacific island connection. This year its just small schools for the most part. Except for that Michigan connection in Long and Henne.

4th round

Miami went o-line again, and took guard Shawn Murphy (the draft lists him as a tackle; he played guard in college) with this pick.

I guess that means we now have 5 potential starters on the o-line, so that's no longer a glaring need.

With the to d-lineman, that's not a need any longer, either. Now we need a corner and a wideout to complete this draft...and depth wouldn't hurt.

Do you see how "the triumvarate" is building this team? In free agency, we added a lot of role players and people to contribute (at least on special teams). Then, we rounded out some needs, and next we'll be thinking depth. I wouldn't be surprised to see some more acquisitions after the draft, when teams release some players. Maybe a solid corner or wideout...

3rd rounder

Miami made a trade with Detroit to start today's affair. Detroit took that RB from UCF, who might just be a great back in the NFL.

Miami slid down a few slots and picked up Kendall Long, a DE from Hampton. Is that in NY? The place where all the hoity toity go ever summer (The Hamptons)? Sweet, but how much football do they play there?


I wonder if anyone actually buys "draft pick" and the number 1?

draft party

I stopped by the Dolphins draft party at the stadium yesterday. It was held entirely inside the club level of the stadium. The plus was that we could use the Kohler faucets, and they had all the screens turned to the draft, so there was no upselling of beers, as there is on gameday.

WQAM was there. Cheerleaders were there. Alumni were there....but I didn't see too many current players, and while there were a few games to play, the "fun" aspect for kids was absent.

It was nice to be able to sit and relax and enjoy the draft, I'll grant you that. Or you could talk to someone about buying season tickets (though I didn't see too many people doing that)....but that was about it.

Last year, it was at the Dolphins facility, and I thought it was a little more "interesting" or colorful or something.

I would say there was a constant stream of people coming and going, and there were maybe a couple of thousand there at any given time.

Jake Long

When his named was announced yesterday, Jets fans resoundingly booed Long.

But he took it all in stride:
"I got booed pretty bad. And I was excited for it. I was a little bit more relaxed just knowing where I was going and just being here making it official so it was nice. That solidified it all. It was breathtaking to walk out there and shake the commissioner's hand and hold up that jersey. It was a dream come true."

JT rumor

While there are still rumors about a possible trade, and H Wayne even made a general comment that he *could* be traded, Ireland downplyaed that a lot in his wrapup. He said the Tampa rumor was untrue, and that Jason is still a Dolphin.