Saturday, April 26, 2008


Miami picked back up a 4th round selection when they sent Lorenzo Booker to the Eagles. Booker looked good when he played last year, but consider the talent he was working with. Was he that good? Or was everyone else that bad?

Maybe there was something to this deal about him not playing earlier in the season.

JT is still a Dolphin as I write this. But, there is a chance that he will be traded tomorrow - possibly to the Bucs for 3 picks in next year's draft.

And with #56

The Dolphins picked up Meechegan QB Chad Henne. I know, you can never have too many good QBs in camp, and he was a late 2nd round pickup. But, it still seems odd to me that they picked one up this early.

Pick number 32

Hey, the Phins got another 1st round pick. Sort of. With the Patriots losing *their* pick, the Dolphins moved up to #32, which is a first rounder....right?

The Phins picked up Phillip Merling with that pick. Merling, as in the magician?

He's a big DE who could unseat JT, and make him expendable...

JT Rumor

The rumor mill is in full swing. Tampa offered a 2nd round pick for JT yesterday. And last night, it was reported that Jacksonville was willing to give up their first round pick and swap seconds for JT.

But don't count out Dallas, either, who likes JT, and has a couple of first rounders to play with.

Pick 100

Miami gave away their 4th round pick (#100) to get TE Anthony Fasano and LB Akin Ayodele from the Cowboys.

A funny comment

(or maybe its sad). Espn was running "key losses" and listed Zach Thomas, and "key acqusitions" and listed Josh McCown.

Ummmmm. yeah....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The other long

Know who the happiest guy is right now? Former Raider Howie Long, Chris' father. Seems that Howie has no affection for the Dolphins, in fact he downright dislikes them. And we hear that he really didn't want to have his son playing in Miami (he'd be happy for his son, but would have trouble rooting for the team).

So, here's to hoping he winds up playing in the Raiders' division, like in KC, so Howie can enjoy that, too.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Long gone

University of Michigan offensive lineman Jake Long is seen during a game at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Mich.
The Dolphins have been negotiating with Jake Long's agent for the last week or so, and there was some question this morning about whether a deal might be done soon.  And of course there was this nonsense where Jeff Ireland "slipped" and said they would take a defensive player with their pick.  That was all smoke being blown up the media's ass.
Miami signed Long, and so "...with the first pick in the 2008 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select Jake Long, Offensive Tackle, University of Michigan.....the St Louis Rams are now on the clock."
Barring a (totally unforseen) trade, this is a done deal, and it makes Saturday's first pick somewhat ho-hum.
I wonder if we know anything about his family?

Draft extravaganza

Fins Radio will be hosting a draft extravaganza this Saturday from 2:30pm until 8pm!
We'll have special guests, tons of information, and lots of surprises.  Be sure and join us.  Call in and tell us what you think about the Dolphins pick!!!
Yours truly will be at the Dolphins draft party, and I will be hosting a segment from about 7-8.