Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jason Taylor

And now a message from the Jason Taylor Foundation:

Hello Dol-fans,

As you all probably know, Jason Taylor will be strutting his stuff as a
contestant on Dancing with the Stars this season beginning Monday, March
17th. This is a great opportunity for not only Jason, but for all
Dol-fans to see him in action starting in March before Training Camp
begins in August. Currently, he's putting in 6+ hours of practice
everyday with his new partner Edyta and getting into the best shape of
his life.

We have set up efforts to support JT and Edyta through their journey.
Jason's goal is to win season six of Dancing with the Stars and then
return to South Florida to help lead the Dolphins back to greatness. But
we can't do it alone...we need your help! As dominant figures in the
Dol-fan community you have the power to reach out to everyone who truly
bleeds aqua and orange.

We've set up two exciting opportunities for you to keep up with Jason
Taylor over the next few months. Text message the keyword: JT to the
number 34343 and receive personal messages from Jason about DWTS.
Standard text messaging rates apply, so it's just like any other text
message you send or receive. There is no additional charge! In
addition, we've created an official Myspace page for Jason to display
photos and give updates on events and happenings. Check it out:

The reason why we're approaching you is because you're the voice of all
Miami Dolphins fans. We need your help to get these two support programs
out to all your friends and fellow Dolphins supporters. Let's start
getting excited about the upcoming season beginning on March 17 and help
Jason Taylor win Dancing with the Stars!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Calvin Pace

The Dolphins had their sights set on this guy to help shore up the defense. He' a hybrid DE/LB kind of like JT, only he's been in the leauge only 4 years.

....but then the stinking Jets came along and made him the highest paid LB in NFL history. [and that is in addition to Alan Faneca who they signed earlier]

But, here's the interesting thing about Pace. He was drafted #18 in the 2003 draft, with a pick that originally belonged to....Miami.

We gave it up in the Ricky Williams trade, and it made its way to Arizona.

How's that trade looking now?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Will he be back or won't he?

Over the weekend, Jason Cole broke a story that JT and Bill Parcells met and that they amicably agreed that JT would be traded.  And JT was moving out of South Florida.  Not so fast, snapped back Parcells, and called it bad journalism.
Here's what we *do* know: JT and his wife met with the previous winner of that dancing program, and he warned her that JT was going to dance with a beautiful woman and she shouldn't be jealous.  And then, the couple announced the whole family would be moving to LA while the show was progressing, citing that they should be together for a long process.  Draw your own conclusions about how these two factors work together.
But, what to make of the report by Cole?  There was little in the way of corroboration.  Can it be true?
Find out tonight on Fins Radio, when Jason Cole will be joining us to talk about it.