Saturday, March 01, 2008

The day it all changed

After much reflection, I have come to the conclusion that Miami's fortunes changed the day Joey Porter stood up in the meeting and called Cam out.

He made clear to management what everyone inside already knew: Cameron wasn't getting it done and it was time for a change. Now, that's not to say that H Wayne wasn't already talking with Parcells, but he came in a few days later and started to clean house.

And Miami has since moved from being the worst team to being somewhere around average, and in my book continues this ascent.

The kool aid has been given to all of us, and I took a sip yesterday....

Seau to retire?

That Junior is again contemplating retirement. Think anyone will through him a lavish party this time? Think he'll follow through? Or maybe he'll suit up for the Saints next year, because they're "so close"....

Who gets 19

Ernest Willford comes to Miami as a wideout. He's a big target, and what I remember about him in Jacksonville is that he scores TDs in big games, and he catches the ball at the right time.

But, he wears #19, and even has a website Ted Gin, jr also wears 19, and there's a pesky rule about allowing only one player to wear a number.

So, who is going to have it? Ya gotta figure if it is Wilford, Jr will either have some new bling, or his tummy will be full of a Shula's steak dinner or some claws from Joe's Stone Crab...

Free agency starts

Miami went into free agency with about 50 players on their roster. Typically, a team will have 70-75 players at this point, so you knew that the Phins were in the market for some players.

They signed 9 on the first day, and had offered contracts - reportedly - to two others, and have another handful scheduled for visits.

The names aren't flashy. There's no Joey Porter, there's no Ricky Williams. But, the approach was to go after quantity.

And as my buddy Brian put it, its kind of like they got a Mulligan on the '04 draft. The first time around, they didn't get it right, and no one remained on Miami's roster last season. Of the players they signed, most came from that draft class.

And most importantly, they all fill various needs.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Free agency starts next week. The Dolphins undoubtedly will be active in it, because they're a little short handed:

  • At QB, they have John Beck, Matt Baker, and Casey Bramlet. Who?
  • At WR, they have Ted Ginn, jr (sans family, as they were cut), Derek Hagan, Greg Camarillo, Kerry Reed, and Chandler Williams. That's a group to strike fear into the hearts of defenders.
  • They have 10 offensive linemen in total. Only Carey and Satele are assured of being on the team, as we undertsand it.

    Most of the other positions are fairly well populated, but who knows how many of them will be with the team come opening day?
  • Zach goes home

    Zach wisely rebuffed the Patriots, and chose the Dallas Cowboys as his new team.

    We wish you well, Zach.