Thursday, February 07, 2008

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Too funny.

Someone bought this domain:

I imagine it had all kinds of crap in it....until Sunday evening.

The Onion has a funny article about the Pats: Patriots' Season Perfect For Rest Of Nation

There was also another headline from the Onion:
Patriots: 'Better A Diamond With A Flaw Than A Pebble Without'

PHOENIX—The self-reflective New England Patriots issued a brief but enlightening statement concerning their nearly perfect season Monday, claiming that it is better to be a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without, and that greatness is measured not in successes but in failures. "What is perfection without fault? Nothing. How can one be perfect without the knowledge and experience that comes with failure? One cannot," the statement read in part. "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. So basically, we won." The Patriots added that it is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Larry Csonka will be joining us on the Bitchin' and the Shed Dawg show this Friday night!

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Love the signs...

Perfectville commercial

On last night, Manny Fernandez talked about the Perfect season, and takes a few moments to talk about the commercial I mentioned a previous post.

Monday, February 04, 2008

In case you were wondering...

This was the first Patriots game I watched this year. And it was their only loss.

If only I had known! I would have watched them go 0-16 if I knew I could have that kind of an impact!

SuperBowl parting thoughts

I was amazed at what I witnessed last night. The Patriots were in Mercury Morris' house...until the police came and kicked them out.

Good to see the two teams in red, white, and blue that really represent "America" mixing it up.

My analysis of the game is that the Giants gave the Patriots a bit of a taste of their own medicine. The Patriots play right to the rules, and I suggested that one way to beat them was to play at their level - bend the rules and reap the same benefit.

So, the Giants committed some holding, got away with some offensive pushoffs, and chucked a few receivers downfield. And on one notable play, a running back tried to swat a ball out of bounds - a very Patriot-like move.

Speed rushers, plus keeping players fresh really helped the Giants. I think they were in the backfield on every single passing play. They may have only had a handful of sacks, but (a) its more than the Patriots allowed in a single game all year, and (b) Brady actually looked scared out there at the end, out of fear that he was going to get hit in the mouth again, and that really affected his ability to throw...and he was so smug about his line a few days before the game.

Meanwhile, the Giants line gave Eli time to eat a sandwich (he passed on the upsell of the beer) while he looked for a receiver. One thing I noticed here was that the Patriots changed tactics in this game. In their two playoff games, they played straight defense through three quarters, and blitzed heavily in the 4th. Here, they blizting started early, and it appeared the Giants were ready for it.

A little known stat: the player who leads the NFL in passing has never won a SuperBowl. Power rushing and defense still wins championships, not great quarterbacking.

Great skills in passing can be diminished by quality opponents, whereas power running simply wears most teams down. The Patriots were pretty one-dimensional this season, and it cost them.

Also, lesser known players often make the games biggest plays. David Tyree had 4 catches all year for the Giants. And in the SuperBowl he had 3, none bigger than his over-the-head catch against Harrison.

Good coaching by Tom Coughlin. No major gaffes in his strategy or actions. He outcoached Bellicheat at his own game. No big goof ups by the players, really, either. They need to play a perfect game and they pretty much did just that.

Ah yes, 18 and D'oh!

They were being called the greatest team, and now they're being referred to as the worst 18-1 team, and being mocked.

And I love it.

Funny thought

Manny Wright can cry tears of joy, for he is now a SuperBowl champion.

And, that means he has one more SuperBowl ring than Dan Marino.

I think this sums it up nicely.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Best ad

IMHO, this was the best of the lot:

Carrier Pigeons - FedEx

Screw you!

To all the Patriots fans, the haters, and the bobbleheads who were so sure that the Patriots would annihilate the Giants....

To Jimmy Johnson who spat upon the Dolphins history...

To all those who wanted to see an end to quest for perfection...

The Dolphins stand as the lone undefeated team in NFL history. The football gods saw to that, and smote the vaunted Patriots. And the day of reckoning for the Patriots is yet to come.


Some guy earlier today on Fox Sports Radio said that "if it were to happen, it would be the biggest upset in sports....ever." So be it.

18-1. Tough noogies.