Saturday, February 02, 2008

The plot thickens!

This "spygate" mess has taken a turn in a direction that I, personally, like. Let's hear the truth!

There's a report circulating that there were 6 tapes that were handed over. Somehow, one of them got leaked and found its way onto the internet. Very scared, the commish destroyed them all.

Yesterday, he held a press conference and attempted to answer some questions about the tapes. He spoke out of every side of his mouth, modified his story along the way, and generally came off as not believable.

And now Senator Arlen Spectre has announced he will be investigating. The commish said he would welcome talking with him...

And late this afternoon, there was a report that there is, in fact, a tape of Rams games and/or practices from the 2002 season - you know, the one where the Patriots won their first champeenship.

Hmmmm.....Do I see a pattern here? What I've been saying all along - that they appear to have had a "conspiracy" to bend the rules because "if you're not cheating, you're not trying!" - seems to be coming to light.

If it is all true, only shame and disgrace await the coach and the owner for the misdeeds.

Here's to hoping the football gods set things right...


Bob Keuchenberg was not elected to the HOF for the umpteenth year in a row (actually, I believe he became eligible in 1990, so it would be 18 years).

And here's my problem with that: the hall seems to be saying there's enough of the 1972 Dolphins in there, and we don't need anymore.

And isn't that what they've been saying about the Dolphins all along? Yeah, they were 17-0, but....they're just a bunch of grumpy old men...etc...etc...etc...

Miami has Buoniconti, Csonka, Griese, Langer, Little, and Warfield there now. That's 6 of the 30 or so regular contributors to the success.

Suppose the Patriots make it to 19-0 tomorrow. Think they'll stop at 6 and say that's enough? I doubt it.

Get a jump on the draft

Last night, we had Tony Pauline of on the show. He gave us some great insights into the sure to check it out in the archive.

Bitchin and the Shed Dawg for 2/1


As I saw shots of the stadium, I was reminded of a pet peeve of mine.

The NFL is a moneymaker (a gasp comes from the crowd).

And yet they have the moderately lame-o NFL experience, for which they charge about $20 per person, plus parking. And most of the people who work there are volunteers, getting free entrance and pizza in return.

And, they turn around and recruit volunteers to work the pregame and halftime shows, having them haul in the sets and dance around the stage. These people get to see the "concert" for free, and otherwise are kept in a holding area outside the stadium.

They also get volunteers to do the work of putting in seat cushions, giveaways, etc for the paying customers. In return, they get a seat cushion and a giveaway.

Now, I know the Superbowl is an expensive proposition. The NFL has to pay for materials, labor to build some of the more elaborate piece, security, and so forth.

But...I have to believe that they more than make up for it by ticket sales, TV revenue, and even parking.

So, I find it absurd that they get all of these free volunteers, and the way its managed is odd. To be sure they're committed, they require that these people volunteer for many hours of work, often 40 or more hours are expected.

Anyway, my two cents. I guess I've become crotchety and cynical - at least in part because the Patriots have spoiled the game (you knew I had to get that dig in there, didn't you?)

Ticket prices

H Wayne has announced that there will be no increase in season ticket prices this year. But, he also announced that at a future date (around June) the prices for renewal or new season tickets will go up.

In other words, he is trying to generate some hype and get people to commit to renew or buy early.

Smart? Yes. But, I wouldn't, exactly say he froze season ticket prices. I've long lamented the fact that they ask for your money well in advance of the season actually starting; and before you know what the game days are going to be.

...and speaking of being tied to games, I still have a bad taste in my mouth about the games cancelled, er, moved after 9/11. The games were all moved to season's end, and the ticket office decided that since they were offering the game anyway, there would be no refunds. So, those of us who had purchased additional tickets for friends travelling in from out of town were stuck with them when they couldn't make it for the new date. Yeah, its ancient history, but the fact that I remember that nearly 7 years says something.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Daunte Culpepper will be on with Big Papa Pump this Thursday night at 8ET!!!
Be sure and tune in at

Another Welker quote

Asked what is different in New England, as compared to South Florida, Welker responded:
"Weather. Women. Wins."
From The Los Angeles Times

Wes Welker quote

"I felt wanted by the Patriots.  That's really what it felt like coming here. It was the first time that had happened to me. With the Dolphins, it was one of those things where … uh … man … I'm just going to stay away from all that. I'm not angry about what happened.  Look where I am. I'm playing for the Patriots. I'm in the Super Bowl. I have to pinch myself."
Wow, that's quite a statement...

I wonder what that was like? Or this plane isn't big enough for the two of us!

Its no secret that Dan Marino and Jimmy's Johnson are not best buddies.  JJ handcuffed Marino, and essentially forced him to retire.  Maino got a little favoritism from H Wayne...
On Monday, they both headed out from South Florida to Phoenix to cover the SuperBowl for their respective networks.  And it just so happens that they were on the same flight.  And were in the same row in their first class seats.  At least they weren't sitting next to each other, I guess.
But with two egos that big, its a wonder they both fit on the plane.  And that the wings didn't ice over from the frigid temperature...


In researching our last post, we came upon a lot of haters. People who thought Shula shouldn't be casting stones because the Dolphins had to give up a draft pick to get him, so "he's a cheater, too"...

But there are a few things I want to point out:
(1) Bill Bellicheat defiantly did what he did - himself - in violation of a rule that the commish put in place, and then played dumb about it.
(2) Shula was indeed under contract with the Colts. But, they were thinking about making a change to the coach, and Joe Robbie came and asked about Shula. Shula didn't do anything below board. He was upfront with the Colts owner. Robbie, however, was trying to get something for nothing and signed Shula away. Now maybe it was unsportsmanlike of Shula to leave, but he didn't lie and he didn't violate any rules. And the commish came and took the first round pick and gave it to the Colts as compensation.

There's the difference. The Patriots deserve the criticism on the whole. Robbie deserves the criticism in Miami....and really its no different than what's happening today with coaches moving around, is it?

Fu-get aboud id

Think the 72 Dolphins are happy about the Patriots being in their house, ransacking the place in "pursuit of perfection?"

Not a chance.

In fact, Dave heard yesterday that most of the 72 Dolphins will be in town for the Superbowl, and have a room rented at a local hotel, with champagne on ice...waiting to celebrate when the Patriots lose.

And some former players - most notable Larry Csonka who played for the Giants for a couple of seasons - have gotten permission to be on the Giants sideline during the game to urge the team on.

And Don Shula is handing out asteriks to all the radio row people?

[editor's note: this sounds like a load of BS to us, but we're posting it anyway!]

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Last offseason, there were 7 new head coaches in the NFL. Here's a look at how they all fared:

(1)Cameron. Went 1-15 and got fired
(2) Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh) [who interviewed in Miami]. Went 10-6, won their division, and lost in the playoffs
(3) Bobby Petrino (Atlanta). Coached terribly, and quit on the team around the time they were 3-10.
(4) Ken Whisenhunt (Arizona) [who interviewed by Miami]. Went 8-8 and had a decent outing.
(5) Lane Kiffin (Oakland). Went 4-12, and might have been fired by Al Davis. Or not.
(6) Wade Phillips (Dallas). Went 13-3, but the team faltered in playoffs. It was amusing to see Jerry Jones at his side during the playoff game.
(7) Norv Turner (San Diego). Went 11-5, and lost in the AFC championship; mainly due to some poor coaching decisions...but still....

3 of them made the playoffs, one had a good season. One had a mediocre season, but has a lot of talent. One had a horrible season. And the worst of them quit on his team.

So, Cam was not the worst of the lot. But, he wasn't the best, either.

Season recap

I realized this evening that I never did a season ending recap. Maybe it was the 1-15 finish, or Bill Parcells, or the coaching changes. But, anyway, here we go:

Best game: I could go the easy route and give you their lone win against the Ravens. But, it was more like Brian Billick's boneheaded call that lost that game fore them. Instead, I'm going to say it was the Pittsburgh game. It was Monday night. It was raining. It was scoreless until there were less than 2 minutes left. And Miami coulda actually won that game. And besides, for the fun factor, you couldn't beat that sloppy field.

Worst game: Ahem. 14 other losses, most of them ugly. There were so many games where former players beat them. But, I have to go with the Raiders game. Daunte was told to leave Miami, then came back to score a few TDs. And "Huggy Bear" 's son did a number on Miami rushing for 846 yards on the day. Or something like that.

MVP: Jay Feeley was the most consistent player on the team. So, I'll give it to him.

Rookie of the year: Samson Satele was nothing short of great as a rookie center for Miami. He wins this one hands down.

Best offseason acquisition: there wasn't one.

Worst offseason acquisition: Joey Porter. For half the year, he played out of position poorly, and ran his mouth. For another few games, he played in position poorly, and ran his mouth. And then for the last few games, he played fairly well and ran his mouth. And then he called out the coach in a team meeting. Yeah, there's a great acquisition.

Biggest disappointment: just how bad the talent on this team was. That wasn't Cameron's fault, though his game management certainly was.

Biggest offseason need: there are so many holes, I have to figure next year will feature 30 or more new players.

How my prediction fared: I think I said they'd go 4-12 or some such. I never would have guessed 1-15.