Monday, December 01, 2008


This probably would have been the key play of the game had they not screwed up on the next few plays (a run for 4, a botched run for -2, and then false start on Long, followed by an inept run).
There were about 3 minutes left, and Miami needed 3 for a first down to keep the clock running.  They lined up in a standard I formation (the fullback is behind the QB, and the running back is behind the FB).
At the snap, Polite (the FB) made a feign at a block, then there was a playfake to Ricky.  The line and linebackers all thought it was a Ricky run up the middle, but instead Ricky took on the rushing LB, and Pennington turned and threw to Polite in the flat, just over the first down marker.
It was well conceived and might have helped drain the clock if everything else had worked....
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