Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The wildcat

Miami pulled out all the stops - or at least most of 'em - to have some impact on the game.  They showed several new wrinkles and a couple of old ones that were worth revisiting to keep the Jets on their toes.
A number of them had some success.  This particular one did not.  But it was creative and worth looking at for a moment.  Miami went unbalanced line, Ronnie at QB, and Chad at WR.  At the snap, Ricky (yellow) came across the formation and went upfield.   Ronnie swept right (blue), and Chad (red) started upfield, then turned and went into the backfield.  Ronnie flipped Chad the ball, and he looked upfield to pass.
Now the pass was supposed to go to Fasano (purple) who was running a post pattern to the endzone.  But, he was pretty well covered, as you can see in the long shot.  And Ricky was basically free.  So, Chad might the right choice in looking to Williams for the pass. 
Its just unfortunate he couldn't haul in the pass - undoubtedly, you heard Simms say he took his eyes off the ball.
That play might have ended this game even sooner if it was successful.
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