Monday, December 15, 2008

The wildcat

Miami ran the true Wildcat exactly 1 time on Sunday.  They ran a few other offensive schemes, which may or may not have been in the Wildcat playbook, but which did not feature anyone but Pennington at QB.
On this particular play, Ronnie faked the handoff, and started to make the run toward the left, where there was no tackle.  The object was to flow away from the motion of the play, and keep the defense off balance.  But, Ronnie quickly realized that he was going no where, and bounced it out to the right.  A couple of quick dips and moves (and at least one missed tackle) later, he was on the edge, and started upfield.
And here's where Pennington impressed me.  He feigned to block the outside guy to free Ronnie.  Now the block itself was less-than-spectacular, but it was enough to slow the pursuit, and allow Ronnie to pickup the first down.
That may very well have been the play of the day, and it really shows how Pennington will do what it takes to win.
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