Sunday, December 28, 2008

The team

I read something this week about how H intends to finalize the sale sometime within a week of the Dolphins' season ending.  It would be this week if they fall to the Jets.  He reiterated his concern about having to pay "double the taxes under Obama" which he threw around as $20 million. 
I feel compelled to remind you that in actuality, we're talking about a 3% increase in the tax - more like $5 million.  And it still has to pass through congress.  Be that as it may, we should see a transition soon.
And that leads us around to the management of the team.  Mr. Ross has been talking with people who he intends to have come in and help him.  In particular, he's interested in bringing in a CEO - which would mean that Joe Bailey would likely be out.  And that reminds me that Bailey has disappeared of late.  We haven't heard from him in months.
I suspect he has fallen way out of favor.  A few years ago, he was the CEO of his own firm that conducted interviews with coaches to help teams select a coach for their franchise.  The idea was to make a canned intervew available, even as coaches were still coaching.  A novel idea, and it seemed like a possible winner.  When H went to him, he decided that he could help run Miami's organization.
Problem was that the coaching deal didn't work out all that well, since we got Nick and then Cam before H changed his approach and got Parcells and Sparano.
And along the way, Bailey was tasked with "energizing the franchise" and building the hype and the fan base.  Sure, performance on the field didn't help, but season ticket sales went down, rather than up (as we understand it) over the course of a few years. 
I would surmise that Bailey's record wasn't as great as H might have liked, and that's why he's out of the picture.  Its a guess, of course, but it makes some sense.
....and then we also wonder about some other execs.  What of Bryan Weidemeir, the president of the team?  I would argue he's been really good over the years.  He oversaw the salary cap, and helped manage the general issues among GMs and coaches over the years.  We hope he stays around...
I guess time will tell.
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