Monday, December 15, 2008

Singletary's argument

Throuhout the afternoon, Sean Hill was snapping the ball as the clock wound down to 0.  A couple of times, I was watching as the clock went to all naughts, and I could actually count one-one-thousand before the snap came into his hands.  It went uncalled for the game.
On the last offensive play, Mike came out and argued that the clock had indeed run down, meaning that there should have been a delay of game on his team, thus backing him up 5 yards and giving them one more chance to win.
As you can see from Fox' illustrated replay, this was indeed the case.   But, the referee waved it off.
Two things: (a) what a peculiar argument for a coach to make - please penalize me! and (b) lest we forget on the 1st down (three plays before), Hill spiked the ball to stop the clock in spite of the fact there was nearly a minute and a half left.  That coaching choice and this unusual argument make me wonder if either Mike Martz shouldn't be calling the plays or if Singletary shouldn't be the head coach.
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