Monday, December 15, 2008


In the game, Joey had limited success in the pass rush, well, at least until the last defensive play.
Veron Davis, the Niners TE, said afterward he was upset that he was on the bench for the last play because he had been handling Porter all day.
And well....that's not entirely true.  Part of the gameplan had Joey dropping into coverage early and often.  The idea was to confuse the offense, and create different challenges in blocking.  On this play, Porter drops back to cover, while Roth rushes from the other side.  Roth came up with a sack on this particular play.
Also, the Phins had Porter switch sides from time to time to create different matchups, and specifically to move away from the tight end.  And, at times, his job was to contain the run and/or to close down a rushing lane for the QB.  It was all by design, and meant that Joey did less pass rushing overall.  Until it was crunch time.
And...on many plays, when Joey did rush, he was double and sometimes triple-teamed to keep him out of the backfield.
So, that's the story of the day.  Vernon is just full of himself.
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