Monday, December 29, 2008


Fitting wasn't it that Chad went back to NY, and beat the Jets on the last week of the season.  After all, it was about 18 weeks ago that the Jets simply discarded him, feeling that he couldn't win in this league.
And all Pennington did was to lead by his words and his actions.  He had a great passer rating, better even than the guy who replaced him.
He could be the league MVP, and likely will be the Dolphins MVP.
...and here's a little side note.  Back before the '07 Superbowl (Bears - Colts), I took my son to the NFL Experience.  They had some little games, and he spun the prize wheel and won a metal football card of "Comeback player of the year" who was none other than Chad Pennington.
I found the card yesterday while doing a little cleaning early in the day.  I was bemused by it.
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