Monday, December 08, 2008


J Peasy was quiet for most of the afternoon, and I wondered if he would get a sack.
Did he ever.  came up with 2 big plays on Sunday.  At one point in the 4th, Buffalo was pinned back near their own goal line, and on a third down play, Joey just blew past the confused lineman who had, to that point, controlled him.  Sack all the way back at the 1.
Then, when the Bills were driving with a minute left, Joey did what he does best.  Remember when these two teams met a few weeks ago, and Sparano said to get the ball back, and Joey did to end the game?
Well, he did it again (this time without being asked).  As he did on an earlier series, he just blew past the left tackle, got to Losman, and this time forced a fumble that essentially ended the game when Holliday recovered the ball.
So, now he has 16.5 sacks and is back on the pace to get the Dolphins all-time record...
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