Monday, December 29, 2008

The Jets

Funny thing: when the Jets led the division about 5 weeks ago, I heard some knucklehead call Joe Rose and say that the Jets were terrific, and had a dynasty, and that they'd be good for a long time to come.
I mentioned here that I thought they had overpaid for too many players, and that would cost them next year and beyond.  And I had noted several times that Brett Favre would only win them a couple of games over where they otherwise would be - and he would lose some games, too.
As we wore on late into the season, you saw a bunch of players "mail it in" meaning that they stopped playing hard because they felt that they were so good, or because they were being told so.   And Brett Favre...well, lets just say the guy started to show his age.  He looked like a 39-year old guy playing QB.  He should have gone out with dignity and retired last offseason.  Instead, we had to see this shell of a player wearing #4 almost embarassing himself out there.
Even his "inspirational" message to the team which CBS aired before the game was lacking 'lets go out there and play hard, and if we don't win okay, and if do win, okay.'   It seemed lacking, and it didn't sound like he wanted to urge them on.
...then this morning we find out that Man Genius was fired after the game, and so goes the unraveling...
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