Monday, December 29, 2008

The game

All week, Sparano urged his team to stay focused: a win and Miami takes the division.  And while it has been a long season and both teams have grown, in week 1, the Fins lost a close one to the Jets.
Miami came in with the right attitude, and did many things right.  They had a Pennington fumble, a snap over the punters head, and some early penalties.  And while they did cost them at the time, Miami kept its focus.  There was some poor tackling in the first half, and Miami corrected for it at halftime.
By the middle of the 3rd quarter - though the outcome was still in doubt - Miami made its statement and made it clear that they weren't going to lose this game.
And win it, they did.  Miami took the division, knocked off the Jets, and because of the Baltimore win, knocked out the Patriots, too.
What more could you ask from a team that was 1-15 at this time last year?
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