Monday, December 01, 2008

Ernest Wilford

Wilford actually saw the field this week!  Still didn't have a catch, but he was involved in two memorable plays.
Early in the 3rd quarter, Wilford and Bess lined up next to each other on the left side.  The defensive back pushed Wilford, and he fell toward Bess, and they both tumbled to the carpet, leaving Pennington with no one to throw to.
Then, a series later, they lined up next to each other again.  And this time, Wilford ran a pick - he literally changed positions and ran into the defensive back who was covering Bess.  That freed Bess to go down the sidelines for a terrific catch with a nice gain.
So, at least Wilford provided some humor on the first play when it comes to film study this week, and provided some tangible benefit to the team on the second play.
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