Monday, December 01, 2008

Dolphins pull #7 out of their....

You had to wonder how this team would respond after last week's emotional game, and the meltdown that happened at the end.  Would they all come together and play tough, or would they be the victim and get rolled?
Early on, they were flat and listless.  The defense more or less picked up where it left off, and couldn't get off the field against the Rams.  And the offense was inapt.  There was not much to be proud of during the early going.
But, then, this was the Rams team....and well, they're bad.  And it showed.  Miami was resilient and did just enough to earn the lead, and was able to hold onto it for most of the game.  It may have been ugly, dull, or just plain bad.  But this is the NFL, and a win's a win.  And with losses by the Pats and Jets, Miami is actually back in the thick of the division race.  How weird is that?
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