Monday, December 15, 2008

Dolphins 14, Niners 9

I wound up going to the game yesterday.  I had a great time tailgating with some friends, and generally hanging aound...I hadn't done the standard tailgate thing since sometime last year, so it was fun.

The crowd was subdued before the game, which I found a little odd, but people were looking forward to it.  And certainly they hoped for a win!
I decided to purchase a ticket in advance - rather than scalping it - and was surprised at how hard it was to find a reasonably priced ticket.  Everyone had them for a fair amount over face value, which would have indicated that this would be a big draw.  And yet, at the stadium, the parking was not all that full, and I'd say the stadium was maybe 75% of capacity.  Not quite as bad as some of the other "sellouts" but short of what you might expect given the market-driven ticket prices.
Miami went out to an early 7-0 lead, and never trailed or really looked back.  But, yet they were in danger of losing the game from about mid-third quarter on.  San Fransisky brought it to 14-9, and Miami had the ball with about 8 minutes left.  A couple of first downs, and maybe a field goal, and time would be short with the Niners down two scores (or a two point conversion anyway).  But, they went three and out, and San Fran was unstoppable. 
Miami was finally able to get their defense off the field, and then they actually put together a decent drive that ended with a field goal attempt.  Unfortunately, it doinked off the upright, leaving one more chance for the Niners.  And that only ended on a sack by J Peasy.
San Fran led in time of possession, plays, and yards.  The only thing that doomed them was those pesky little things.  Things like fielding a punt inside the 5.  Consistently running the play clock to 0 as they snapped the ball.  And spiking the ball with more than a minute to play, momentum, and in what might have been the winning drive.
But somehow Miami managed to pull out a win and stay tied for 1st in the AFC East...
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