Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Defensive error, and an aging Favre

On this play, Will Allen made a pick.  But, it was very odd.
Throughout the game, Miami kept subbing players on and off to account for the formations the Jets were using.  Earlier in the game, Miami got caught with 12 men on the field and had to burn a timeout to recover.
Okay, take a look at the first pic.  Miami has 10 defenders on the field.  Actually, the 11th is running off the field, and we can assume that Miami was a little confused as things were developing.  Its sort of the opposite of what happened previously.
Favre saw it, and wanted to take advantage of the situation.  He was going to throw a quick pass to #83, along the path of the yellow line, because he noticed there was only one defender over there and he was focused on the outside man.

Take a look at the second pic.  This is the same play, from Favre's vantage point.  Everyone is looking toward the center of the field, meaning Favre knows he can get a first down - or maybe more - by having a quick snap and throwing the ball into the receiver. 
By the way, does it look to you like Crowder is trying to get a timeout?  I'm not sure.
Anyway, Favre snaps it, 83 runs and is in the perfect spot, but Favre can't get the ball to him.  This is one of those moments when you know you're QB no longer has "it" because he can't get the ball to the spot on the field he wants it to go to.  Now, it wasn't the first time on the day this happened, but this one was fairly critical since they were down 7, in scoring position, and there were 5 minutes left.
He underthrows, Allen steps into it and makes an easy pick.  And that pretty much ended it for the Jets and won it for Miami.
It was a defensive error, and might have been an issue if the Jets got a score on the play.  But lucky for Miami, Favre couldn't get the ball into the spot he wanted.
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