Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What? Is it Tuesday?

Joey Porter was quoted as saying that Tuesday is the day that cuts happen.  Every week, the team comes in on Wednesday and finds out someone is gone.  He was a point.

This week was no exception.  Derek Hagan was released yesterday.  This after he was listed as the starter during the preseason, and catching all of a half dozen passes in his first few games before being relegated to the inactive list week after week.
I never met Derek, but did have occasion to meet his dad who seemed like a good guy, who was as bewildered as we are as to why his son dropped on the depth chart. 
I do remember a quote from Derek - that this coaching staff was the first one who took the time to teach him good route running skills.  Seemed odd at the time, but I guess it may feed into it if he wasn't a polished receiver.
In any event, we wish him well...
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