Monday, November 10, 2008

Web Weekend

It was great fun to be with the Dolphins over the weekend.

We started off with a little reception over at Bokamper's place.  I had wanted to ask Bo about his new place when we interviewed him early in the season,  but we didn't get to it.  Its hopping, and a lot of fun.  And best of all, Bo is often there.  Its definitely worth a visit.
The reception was fun, and I met up with all the website owners and had a fun time telling stories for a couple of hours, while noshing on a few treats.
Saturday morning, we went over to the stadium tour.  Now, I've been in Dolphin Stadium many, many times, have been on the tour more than a few times, and have seen pretty much everything.
But, on Saturday, I had a truly unique experience that made it all worthwhile.  I was a couple of minutes late catching up with the tour, and security checked me in, and told me the group was on the field.  I went onto the field, and they weren't there.  Someone mentioned that they went onto the locker room.
So, I had to walk around the outside of the field to get there.  And I was alone.  No one was out on the field.  I didn't even bother to take out my camera.  I just soaked it in.  It was very quiet, and amazing in a kind of a cool way.
I snapped this shot from the media press box later in the day.  I walked where those two people are standing.  It was really, really awesome.
So, we went into the locker room after that, and most of us were amused to see the red flag in coach Sparano's shoe.
I guess there's no way he can forget it.  And since he used it on Sunday, well, I'm glad it was there.
And of course, its always cool to see the lockers all setup.  Except that there were a few jerseys missing like Jake Long and Justin Smiley. 
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